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Is my cat really hating me?

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I have a male cat which is 1.5 years old. I have him since he was 2 weeks old. I am treating him well, give him food but he is sometimes attacking me. There have been 3 times when he intentionally scratched me.Today he  scratched my arm because I didn't let him out, few days ago he scretched my leg for no reason. Now I am even afraid of him when he looks at me because I think he can again scretch me. I want to know why is he so aggresive. Today he looked in such a bad way and jumped on my hand.

I also want to ask about what is the best way to treat him now. I think of making him an outdoor cat, of course give him food and keep him in our cellar. Is this the best solution?

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Is he neutered?

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I shall ask a mod to move this your question to move to our Behavior Forum.  Im sure you will get help.


The question of his neutering, as SugarCatMom asks,  is of course important.   Also,  if he dont happen to be in pains of any sort.  Cats in pain dont have the same patience as [otherwise]..



Welcome, and Good luck!

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I have a 1.5 male cat which I bought when he was very little.He has never been kind or very loving but now he is very much aggresive towards me. when he was a kitten he was very playfull and was always jumping on my and family mamber's legs to play. Then when he grew up he stopped this behavior. but it is already a month that he has started the same. Few days ago he intentionnaly scratched my hand maybe bacause I didn't let him out. Today he twice jumped on my leg and I have many scratches on it. The scratches are not deep but now I am afraid of the cat. He is not neutered but it cannot be a reoson for such aggresion. In my school years I had an unneutered male Siamese cat and he never scratched me for 10 years.  I am very sad because I am giving him food and taking care of him and he behaives aggresive esspecially towards me. He is not sick and not hungry, I let him out every day so I don't understand his behavior. I just want to know about what would you do with such a cat. I think no one would like to have him so I cannot give him to someone else.  Should I make him an outdoor cat or continue taking care of him?

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Have him neutered.  Honestly it does make a big difference. Just because you got away with an unneutered boy once doesn't mean it's the usual way of things.  If you are letting him out he will create unwanted kittens and will almost certainly end up in fights.


Your boy is only going to get worse, so the sooner the better.  And it takes a little while for the testosterone to settle down, so don't expect an immediate change.


  I know it isn't your ideal answer, but it really is the right one. :)

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He needs to be neutered, some cats are more aggressive than others after they reach adulthood. If you let your cat outdoor it's very irresponsible. he'll look for a female and she'll get pregnant and those kittens aren't going to have a home. There's many stray cats already so think about this problem before you let your boy out.
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Because one cat does not get aggressive when not neutered, the majority DO get very aggressive when not neutered. Neutering would make a big difference, but for now you have to tackle the behavioral issue. Look at the behavioral site here it has lots of tips. The best thing to do right now is to actually hiss at him and then leave the room or give him a 'time out' from your presence for a few minutes,he will get the point that you are unhappy with his behavior.If you can't bring yourself to hiss, very firmly say NO loudly and turn your back on him.Cats do not respond to physical punishment, it just makes them scared of you. Some cats have a low thresh hold for stimulation too,and will strike out at someone who passes that 'line'. Watch for a swishing tail, dilated pupils, or growling and back off. Good luck, I hope you find help to make your life a little easier!
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But now he is 1 year and 2 months old. Isn't it too late for neutering? I thought cats are being neutered only when they are 2 or 3 months old kittens.

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You can neuter or spay a cat any time in their life... it is just recommended and better for them if you do it sooner rather than later. 

Two years ago we spayed our 2 male cats, one was 2 years old the other 6 years. Both are just fine :)

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I got my male cat at a local shelter - he is a two year old.  He was un-neutered when the shelter got him in as a stray.  Of course shelters always neuter so he was neutered before I brought him home. Nothing to worry about ... it's the best thing you can do for him.

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