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Cat's in the USA

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I have been looking at these forums for about 1 1/2 now. I did have another nickname but it doesn't seem to work

Anyways, one thing that i have read over the time i have been here is the amount of cats that get cancer of some type. I do not know how many Australian cats actually get diagnosed with this horrible life threatening disease but i have noticed it to be a major problem in the USA. Is there any reason why you hardly ever hear of Australian cats getting this disease? I am curious as i have 2 cats myself. I am a member of an Australian cat forum so i have been around a while to notice a large proportion of poor kitty's suffering from this problem.

This is not an attack to anyone, just an observation. I feel deeply sorry for any kitty that is diagnosed with this horrible gut renching disease.
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That is a good question. My bet is that it simply looks as if there is more cancer in the USA because so many US Americans write to TheCatSite about cat health issues. I bet that if you were to survey veterinarians, you would find a similar prevalence of cancers in cats in all developed countries.

But...who knows! Perhaps there is more cancer here!
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Hmmm. Good point. You never hear of cats getting cancer over here(I'm in NZ)..

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Actually you do Sam - my cat died of cancer at the age of 16. So it is present in NZ.
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Increases in reported cancers may also be a function of cats living longer because of how they are cared for. I assume that cats are cared for now in a more sophisticated way than they were 15 years ago (premium food, vet care advances etc.) Cancer rates are partly a function of longevity in humans because older cells are more likely to mutate into cancerous ones. It's probably true for cats as well.
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