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Pic of Charlie in the shelter...

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Here is a picture of Charlie in the shelter. I am picking him up today at 6pm and I am so excited! He was the next cat to be put down...only 2-3 years old! This is the kitty that was kept in a box for 2 years...a friend visited his family and saw him in there and called animal control.

Isn't he gorgeous? (Sorry, I'm a proud mommy already)

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What a beautiful boy! Please post more pics once you have him home with you please!!
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he looks like my departed cat Precious
he's beautiful!!
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Awwww He is a gorgeous boy I am so glad that he found you. Congrats on your new purrbaby
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Kept in a box for 2 years?? My god I am disgusted.

You are such an angel for taking this cat. I wish you many years of happiness and love with Charlie I am sure he will be so appreciative to be in a loving home, able to roam free in the house.
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OMG a box!!! I can't believe someone would do that!!! That makes me so mad!!!

I'm sure you'll be a great mommy to the kitty and he'll be so happy to be with you and your family.
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He is gorgeous!! How wonderful of you to save him, especially knowing he was getting pretty short on time.

I'm going to move this to the Fur-Pictures Forum where we all enjoy the pics of our kitties - or soon-to-be kitties!
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OMG I love his cheeks!!! What a beautiful boy he is!! Thanks for taking giving him a home!
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Congrats to you and your new kitty! He deserves a good loving home What a cutie pie!!!
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In a box for 2 years?? What the hell is wrong with people.

Charlie is an adorable kitty!! Love his cheeks too! Congrats!
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What a pretty kitty... I'm glad someone called and ratted out those people.. thats an awful thing to do!
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What a handsome kitty! Those previous people were sick indeed. Thankfully he has a new lease on a happier life with you, and don't hesitate to ask questions for any aftereffects his ill treatment may have caused.
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Oh my gosh...I LOVE him! I love those big, chubby cheeks! (I have British Shorthairs and that is one of the things I love best about them is their fat jowls!)

What a wonderful thing you did to adopt him

And...why was he in a BOX for 2 years?!?!? Poor baby...

Lucky kitty now...and lucky you to have such a pretty boy! Congrats!

Cindy W.
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What a lovely guy he his, and lucky that you found him. Hope he settles in well and is willing to have his photo taken a lot !
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In a Box ??? That person needs to do some jail time to know how it is to be locked up for a while . How sick can you get ...

Your boy is absolutly beautifull , my congrats again to you .
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He is gorgeous!!! He is the same color as my Simba, but his face is completely different. What a cutie!!

I am so glad you are giving him a loving home. He's such a young cat, and deserves a wonderful home after such a horrible experience. Thank you for saving him!!!
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Look at those cheeks *lol* He's seriousely so gorgeous!

Hope he starts being more friendly soon!

and what a horrible way to treat a kitty!
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I am so glad you've rescued this big beautiful boy. He looks like he deserves to live (well, all cats do, but this guy is orange!).

And yes, please be aware of residual affects from being kept in the box. My boy Toes still shows some of the wildness from the drugs (he was born in a meth house) sometimes. But he's every little bit as worth it and I'm sure Charlie will be too.

Looking forward to more pics of this guy!
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