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Tuesday Daily Thread!

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I can't believe this hasn't been started yet...Unless I am totally missing it! Good morning all! This has been an uneventful morning. Had to call the bank because one of our bill pays didn't go through last night. Grrrr...and then our internet was out for about an hour. I stayed up till about 2 this morning studying for my Geology test and Zack didn't get home until midnight. I feel like poo...hehe...oh well I'll be ok once I get this test out of the way tonight! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!
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Its been a busy morning for me - went to the gym and did 3 miles of walking and then an hour of body pump. I feel great. Originally, I wasnt feeling too good, and then when I went to the gym and worked out, I felt a lot better. I feel tired though LOL, and my muscles are screaming for mercy
Last night we lost our games of volleyball as usual, oh well, Hubbys butt made direct contact with my tummy and I was left winded. And then a horrible man spiked a ball so hard that it hit me in the face. Thank god those balls are pretty soft!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Rainy here right now, not much going on at the moment. I am cleaning up old files I had on the old hard drive and trying to slim down my computer files. I have so much junk stored everywhere. Going to be doing some major back-ups today as well. Computer crashes are no fun! For some unexplained reason, I can't get Java to load on my new machine. Everytime I go to the Java download website, I get disconnected when I ask it to download. Looks like I will be on the phone with tech support. The Java worked fine on the old system I had. I am also going to be researching auto-archiving. I have over two years worth of photos sent in to me from people all over the globe for the Focus On Felines photo contest. The thought of having lost all those photos the other day when the computer crashed was pretty daunting.
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Its a cold-wet day today.Hmmm NO SCHOOL!!!!My Fur-babys is out side right now.Having fun in the leaves!
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Well a late start for school today.

Just feeling very sad and depressed today.

Picking up my camera after school and a present for my friend.

Have a nice day.
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What was supposed to be a lazy Tuesday for me (only one class) has turned into a day of cleaning. Women that have lived with their boyfriends/husbands for they EVER learn to clean up after themselves?

Take care, all...and my guinea pig, Toby, says hello.
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Sam: What's wrong? Why so sad?

Newtocats: Sorry to tell you this, but guys don't change. And...they will always leave there dirty belongings everywhere for you to pick up. If you don't want to pick it up, don't. They will eventually get the point or they will just wear dirty clothes for the rest of their lives!
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Candie. Just having a rough day.

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Hey Sam, hope the rest of your day gets better!!

Very slooooow and lazy day today, trying to muster up the energy to get some housework done, and go grocery shopping, since the pantry is almost empty
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It's been a good day here - the biggest good thing is that the prednisone seems to be helping Warren a lot - he is acting like he's feeling SO much better! Whew!

My husband & brother just went and picked up the new settee and chair; we got the dining table & chairs yesterday. So my living room and dining room are starting to look really nice. Now I have to figure out what color to paint. The hutch that matches the dining set won't be in until January, but it's not a problem to wait for that. I needed the table for Thanksgiving, so I'm glad that was in stock!

I just put on a big pot of chili for dinner. There should be enough for me to bring for lunch the rest of the week - yummy.

Better go - I'm trying to get caught up on laundry - I think my MIL is coming to stay this weekend, so I need to get extra sheets washed, etc...
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I am bored out of my mind!!!!

I am at one of the dorms to tutor students who are taking General Psychology. Not a single one has shown up yet. I forgot to bring a book to read so I am using the dorm head's computer to entertain myself. Only an hour and a half left until I can leave. Sigh...
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Have fun Renae!

I'm just waiting for Earl to pick me up from work (we share a car).

I've been SO busy lately I haven't even kept up with the DT. Yesterday, I worked 10 hours, then we had a meeting with a lady who we are building a website for. I was home for all of about 45 minutes, enough time to local publish what I had done for her, burn it, and slam some food down. We didn't get home until almost 10:00. Today is just as busy at work, but I did get a lunch break. Tomorrow it's a working lunch since we have an IT/CAD Meeting where I take the minutes.

At least this weekend may be a bit more relaxing. We're going up to the mountains for a night's stay at the hotel whose website we're building. So it's kind of working since we'll take pictures and talk more with Debby about what she wants, but at least it's away from it all while we're doing it!
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Oooh! A hotel in the mountains. That sounds great!
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Ah, home sweet home! Finally back from work, school, and running errands!! Now it's dinner-time and then I have to clean some spots out of the carpet that Alex thoughtfully (note: sarcasm) left behind. Oh, well.

I got Luna a new toy today, it's a mouse with catnip in it on a little fishing pole. So I can be lazy while I make her "work out." LOL! I'll see how she likes it after I'm done cleaning.

Hope everyone else had a good day!
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Day is coming to an end...finished my geo test and waiting for Zack to come home from work. He didn't get in until midnight last night from work...hopefully it won't be a repeat of last night I miss him terribly!!
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Hope the test went well...
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Thread Starter too!
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Wow, I hit 500 posts tonight!!
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Congrats...I am trying to get there!!
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Like my new avatar...kudos to Amber!
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I like the Avatar - I need to figure out how to do more on here.

It looks like you'll probably hit 500 tonight.

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Yeah...almost there
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UGH! aunt flo came today so im feeling kinda blah
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LOL...up until today i had never heard that euphanism before and now i've seen it twice!! what a funny one! LOL

not too much going on here, trying to catch up on sleep, get my aparment back into shape, made a yummy dinner, and cookies to send to DH tomorrow! at least i finally vaccuumed and got my sheets washed!
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Originally posted by caprice
Like my new avatar...kudos to Amber!
I was just browsing the forum and read this post after I opened this thread! Thank you! I'm glad you liked my avatar. I'm gonna post the rest I made this week..I forgot to ask is it ok if I post this one for others to use or do you want this one to be a custom only for you?
O and I saw you had a Geology test...if I may ask y? I've wanted to be a Geologist since childhood and love and study it.
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Originally posted by Suzy
I like the Avatar - I need to figure out how to do more on here.

It looks like you'll probably hit 500 tonight.

You can always ask any of us for help. I can help depending on what it is.
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Today sucked! There's just no other way to put it. Couldn't sleep last night and was so tired and achey all day. YUCK!

Am working on a new, more complex website. Good thing to do when you're feeling tired I guess!

Hallie was zooming up and down the hallway tonight, chasing some invisable object. It was hillarious.

Hissy, I have to clean up my files too. Space isn't a problem but I should keep up with it before it does become one! I recently installed a 120 GB hard drive so there's plenty of space!

Have a good night everyone. I'm going to try to go to bed early and get a good nights sleep!
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