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I can't get this out of my head.....

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I need to vent!!!! Yesterday in one of my morning conversations with my boss he told me that he threw one of his indoor/outdoor cats out of the second story window of his house because he peed on his tie.

The things is that the kitties are not used to using the litter box, I suggested adding some soil! But the whole Idea of doing this only because the poor baby could not get out the door. He also stated that they sometimes jump out of this window onto a tree and they have missed before.

What kind of human being could have so much disregard for another living being. And to top it off, how can his wife accept his behavior. If it were me I would would have thrown him out of the house without hesitation.

Thank god he is on a business trip and will not return for another 2 weeks. But what then?? I did not say anything yesterday, mainly because I was stunned. I just hope that I can keep my mouth shut when he is back int he office!

So, I guess I am also asking for advise. How would you guys handle this???
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Wow, that's tough! Perhaps look up the animal abuse laws in your city/state and explain them to him? I think throwing a cat out a second story window fully qualifies as abuse.
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Wow that's a hard one! Being your boss, and if you want to stay happy on your job, you gotta be careful what you say to him. A lot depends on your relationship with him (are you close enough to be honest with him?). My thoughts: Perhaps print up some ways to correct inappropriate urination and give it to him - let him know that you are a cat lover and when you heard about his problem with his cat, wanted to help him get thru this. (if you start lecturing him he might just tune you out or get mad at you, while if you hand him something, he might actually read it once you are gone.) I think if you do it in a "I want to help" fashion, rather than a threatening fashion (not that you would threaten him, but advice is often taken as a threat), it might work.

Good luck! I hate people who do those types of things!!
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Boy this is a hard one, since you work for him and can ill afford to upset him. But then you have a kitten that at any given time could be flung out of a window to the ground below! What are people thinking? Are you close to his wife, or his children? Could you perhaps go over there and express your concern and perhaps take this kitten away to a safer place? At the very least call animal control and see if you can make an anonymous tip for the welfare of that kitten. Flinging a kitten out of a second story window indeed!
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I basically thought this guy to be a mensch - NOT!!!! Problem is that I could be the only one he told and that surely would point the finger to me and possibly cause me my job.

His wife - I don't know - she is a homemaker and accustomed to a very nice life style. She gets to live it up without him being there much of the time - I guess you get my drift! The kids are too young to approach.

I'll try to calm down over he next few weeks. I just have been nauseous since yesterday. Don't know if I can bring up the subject once more without him tuning me out (Momofmany you hit the nail right on the head). He tends to avoid confrontation and any subject he dosen't want to deal with he ignores.

I hate this, having my hand tied! But I can't aford to loose my job.
If he were not my boss I would have called animal control in a heart beat.
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Call animal control on that jerk. And you can do it anonymously...he won't know it was you. What a total jerk.

That burns me up too. Some people are so ignorant.
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