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I'm so excited to get my new kitty!

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I bring home "Charlie" today from PetsMart at 6:00. I bought him an adorable bed (let's hope he even uses it) and new feeding and water bowls. I'm not sure on a name yet...tossing around Joel and Gabriel. I think they are really cute! My boyfriend wants to keep him name Charlie, which is what the adoption agency has coined him.

Question is, last time I was in the visit with him, I noticed he was drooling and I alerted a volunteer who takes care of the cats. It looked like more than just stress to me, so they took him to the vet and got him an antibiotic for a mouth/gum infection. He is all up to date with his tests, shots and he is neutered. Should I still bring him to my vetg even though he has seen their vet last week?

Wasn't sure...I'm thinking I should do it just to be safe. Our vet visits round here only cost about $30-$35 which really isn't much at all...

Thanks all! Sorry I keep rambling about him, but I am so excited! YAY!

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Congratulations! I would suggest a vet visit to your own personal vet. Remember that most rescue groups live on a shoestring budget and will usually invest only in essential treatment for their adoptees (cause they don't have the money for anything more). The one that I volunteer my time for does a good job health wise, but I do know that there are others that don't do the same. Always take the side of caution when you are dealing with a rescued baby.

Besides, your vet should meet your new baby and get to know him. He sounds like a wonderful little guy.

Good luck! You are an angel for taking in a rescue!!
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Congrat on your new baby! Yes, you should take him to your own Vet for a once over and an introduction. Be sure to mention his medical issue to him/her so they can do a follow up and that particular problem in case it needs further treatment.

Now that that is covered let me address the issue of pictures. We want pic and lots of them !!!!!!

Pleanty of xoxoxoxoxo to your new addition!
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Congrats on your new furbabie
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Congrats on the new kitty.
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Me too, congrats on the new kitty!!

Regardless of when my kitties were seen by the shelter vets, yes, I took all of mine to our own vet within a week for checkup and followup.
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My congrats on the new baby . I 2nd that going to your vet to make sure everything is ok with him .
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I like the name "Charlie". I suits him well from seeing the pic that you posted of him! He just looks like a Charlie to me
Congrats you must be sooo excited! Only 1 hour and 15 minutes left!
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Congratulations! Its so exciting bringing home a new little furbabe

My cat Jayce drools too, or at least he did a lot when I first brought him home. A few weeks after he got home he started getting a rash looking thing that is just now being diagnosed and treated (successfully! YAY! ) and Ive noticed the drooling stop since his face cleared up. So I think it was related, in our situation. However, people here and also my vet said drooling can be benign (this was before his face started acting up) and come from different things.

Give your baby a scritch for me
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Is he home yet???
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