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Night Thread! =)

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Hi Guys. Not sure what time of night or morning it is over there but it's 9:26PM Tuesday night here.

What's everyone doing?

I'm drinking a choc shake and talking on MSN.

Hope everyone is having fun!
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It is 10.38am here in Joburg. I am waiting for a meeting that starts at 11 and am then going to go to gym (maybe - will have to see - the gym goblins might not want me to).

Am not working late tonight - so only another 6 hours to go! Yay!
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it 5.32pm here on a tuesday... working in the office and i have half an hr to go before i knock off! Whew!!
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it's nearly 10 in the morning here and i really reaaly should be revising for my exams next week!
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It's 7:25 PM and I just had dinner/supper. I am stuffed!
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Its nearly 1:15 pm here and I just got through with lunch.
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4:22 PM and am trying to kill an hour or so at work before I can go home.
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3:25 PM here almost time to start dinner.
Making a roast for my DH's Birthday.
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