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Clyde's new roommate (possible)

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Well, I got the stray to come in and actually fed her, watered her, fed her catnip, petted her, picked her up, and let her back out again.

Guess what? She meowed once and came back in. She has claws, but let me turn her over on her back, scratch under her chin, and rub her belly with no problem. In fact, she loved it.

I checked her equipment out (she has a raised area in the pubic area - round in shape), and I'm guessing she really is a she.

Any thoughts??

I have them both inside for now and letting them work things out. She's slapped and hissed at him when he gets too aggressive, but I think he's figuring it out.

It's 11:50 CST here, so this is reality kitties right now. I'm waiting for any answers from those more experienced.

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I'm no expert, but from hanging around this site enough, I'd suggest keeping them separated until you have her examined by a vet. It's great to see if they get along, but just IN CASE she's sick, you don't want her to give it to Clyde. I'm not trying to scare you, I just think it would be prudent to get her checked before letting her and Clyde play. You could keep her in a spare room until she has been to the vet, maybe?

In any case, she sounds like a sweetie! I hope you can keep her!
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I agree with Viva. If you are planning to keep her, have a health screen with your vet. Have her checked out for FeLV/FIV and parasites at a minimum.

You are so sweet for taking in this little girl!!
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Thanks for taking her in!

Instead of getting her declawed, you could use Softpaws, like Sicy mentioned in the other thread!
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I'm glad this is going well so far. Be patient. I have a cat I adopted in July that is still coming around. She is very shy and when I first got her she hissed and growled all the time. She wouldn't let me touch her at all. Now she is still a loner when it comes to the other cats, but she likes to sleep by me and lets me pet her and scratch her neck. So slowly but surely we are getting there. I'm not saying it will take this long with the stray! But it does take time. My last two cats adjusted right away without problems. So you never know.

You can look into soft paws for your cat. It is an alternative to declawing if you choose to keep her. I really hope it works out for you and the kitty.
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Clyde it would be nice if in the future you kept this story all in one thread. For new people reading this they will have no idea what you're talking about.

I'm glad the stray is coming around. I also agree on a vet visit and felv and fiv tests. Not sure if you already have had this done since there is more than one thread on this topic and makes it hard to follow.
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Sorry about that. Update: I have the cat carrier, she is just outside somewhere, and I'll have here in tonight when she get's hungry. I will be keeping her in the carrier with her food/water/blanket and taking her to the vet at 7:30 am tomorrow to have her checked for FELV and get her shots.

We will have her spayed at a later date after she de-stresses some.
She really is a sweet and beautiful cat, and I think it's a shame someone really socialized her and let her go. She has already given me nose rubs (last night) and climbed up on the desk.

I believe she wanted out last night because Clyde was messing with her too much and she got fed up with him. I think this was better since I don't want him infected if she does have anything.

When I went to get the carrier, she was sitting on my window sill (5:00 pm) and it's 6:20 now, and I saw her under a car when I drove in. So I'm just waiting to hear her meow at the window and I'll let her in. I'm definitely adopting her, and since she doesn't appear to want to use her claws at all (different personality than Clyde), I will get them trimmed, and have soft paws put on when she goes to the groomer.

I'll keep everyone updated.

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Well I have Clyde's new roommate in the cage, fed and watered and ready to go to the vet tomorrow morning.

She has calmed down and is sleeping.

I'm naming her "Bonnie", for Bonnie & Clyde.

She will be tested first for Feline Leukemia, and if negative given all her shots, and have her nails clipped. Due to her gentle nature at this time, I will not have to have her declawed (Clyde was 10 times more aggressive than she was, and I was going to have to give him up).

I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to let them bond, since my place isn't big enough (enough rooms) for separate quarters for each. Clyde tends to want to attack (I'm the boss cat) and she defends, but she doesn't attack. With claws, she could do some damage, or should I just let them work it out.

Any help out there??

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Look in adoption section
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