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Police Officer Kills Cat!!!!!!

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A story aired on the news here in Houston last night of a local police officer who killed a cat by beating it in the head with a shovel . The cat was found in the dumpster of the police station. Here is the link to the story.


If ya'll are upset at me sharing this I am sorry, I am just so tired of things like this happening!!!!! Every time an animal foams at the mouth, unknowing people feel the animal has to be killed. There are various reasons an animal may be foaming at the mouth (medical conditions/environmental factors) and as the link indicates this reason is most likely due to the heat (we have been having 100 degree days here). I really wish there were more things out there to educate people on what to do when they happen upon a situation such as this!!!! Murder is not the answer!!!

Unfortunately the police officer won't get anything more than a slap on the wrist!!!
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That's just awful! Even if the officer thought the cat was sick, he should have left it alone and called Animal Control. Things like this make me sick, especially coming from people that should know better. People in law enforcement are looked up to by our children; we tell them to go to the police if they're lost or hurt. How can we then tell them that they are killing pets with shovels! This just burns me.
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GRRRR! Ignorance is NOT always bliss... OooOoOO this man deserves more than to just get "FIRED"! What should have happened.. and any person with common sense should know this... is that the local animal shelter should have been called.. and the animal should have been picked up. I'm confident that the animal would have then been taken care of in a more reasonable manner and most likely back at home with its rightful owner!

Reading stuff like this just upsets me badly! GRRRR

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That's mean! The police officer should at least be fired, or pay a fine. I hate to hear stories like that. Porr cat.
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I personally think the officer should be beaten over the head with the shovel. I can't believe someone would actually do this without first finding out what was wrong, and then to just dump the poor cat in the dumpster. This is just an outrage! Something needs to be done with this "Officer" The problem is nothing will be done.
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If you'll excuse my expression: that Son of a female dog should have used the head on top of his neck to actually think about what he was doing! Apparently the local police are sticking together and this guy isn't going to get anything more then a slap on the wrist! That makes me SICK! Pieces of s**t like him should be fined heavily and thrown in jail for no less then 5 years! They should also take away his job and he should be labeled an animal abuser and not allowed to own ANY animals while he is alive and if he is on the canine unit, his dog should be taken away from him because who knows what he'll do if his dog gets sick, maybe run over it with his car?
Forgive me but it DISGUSTS me to see someone in his position (or any for that matter) doing something as sick and stupid as that!
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And to think that he is the HEAD of animal control for the department.
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