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loose bowel movements

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My cat has always had loose bowel movements. I put him on a high fiber dry catfood that my vet recommended and it didn't seem to help. He has been to the vet, and all tests come back fine. He is a big cat (22 lbs), so I don't want to add too much to his diet. Any recommendations?
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Just a thought - Has he been tested for Allergies?
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My neighbors 6 month old kitten (not really a kitten.. 12 pounds!) has the same problem. I convinced her to take him to my vet this week for a thorough check up but also wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why a seemingly healhty happy cat would have loose stools ever since adopted ( about 2 months ago ).
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You can give your cat some boiled hamburger and cooked rice mixed together to see if that helps bind the stool better.

You can also get some Grapefruit Seed Extract and put a few drops in the food, it will kill any harmful bacteria in the gut-
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My fosters had chronic diarrhea and the vet put them on a high protein, low carb diet. Science Diet W/D or Purina DM. Although for diabetes management, it also is helpful for loose stools.
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Thanks for all of the great advice.
I just bought the high-fiber Science Diet tonight, I will report back to you.
I have not had him tested for allergies, if none of the advice works, I will call the vet for an appointment.
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