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Need major board magic for hubby (job related)

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My husband is sooooooooooo unhappy at work. he has become VERY VERY depressed. It is just so sad to see him like that They treat him HORRIBLE. He would from 7-5 with no lunch break! They won't let him take a day off (he works monday -saturday) because if he isn't there they have to work instead of just watching him work. I feel sooooooooo bad. I know the only reason he is still there is for me and the kitties.
I found a job for him to apply for but it will be for less pay, less hours, further away and second shift. We would see each other less and he would make less but I think he would be happier here. A friend of a friend works there and really likes it.
I'm willing to make life style changes just for a chance to see him happy. I need all the board magic you can muster that he will get this job (or another job) very soon. I am so worried about him He came to my work today and I swear It just didn't even look like him. He just lays in bed and snuggles the cats when he cats home. He is so sad And I just want him to be happy again.
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Val, darling. I'm so sorry this is happening to Rich.

Sending lots of prayers,vibes and hugs yours and rich's way!
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Sending mega-good vibes to you and Rich!!!!
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Happiness and contentment always outweighs the money factor when choosing a job.

Positive job vibes going out your way.

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I am so sorry to read this . I know how it is to have a hubby and is not happy with the job . If hubby suffers every body suffers , I know I bin there .I will say a prayer for a new and better job
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I SO understand what Rich is going through! I was in a job situation where I was so miserable, under-appreciated, and over-worked. Although it isn't the same since he does more physical labor than I, it just wears you down until there is no thought beyond "I have to do this" or "How can I get out of going to work today? Oh wait, I can't"

I hope Rich gets this job. I lost mine, and even though I was out of work for 3 months, it was such a blessing! I never imagined that not having a job could be less stressful than being stuck in a bad one, but it was. I ended up with a lower paying job to begin with, but since then I am now making more than I was before (because they APPRECIATE my hard work!), and I really like going to work. A change to a better company will make all the difference in the world!

Many positive vibes for him to get this job!!!!!
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*sending vibes for Rich to get a job he LOVES asap*
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Adding my *many good vibes for a new job* for your hubby.
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Thanks guys I just want him to feel good about himself. I'll keep you up to date, I'm going to fax his resume today.
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I'm so sorry Val!!! Sending major get-a-job-that-will-make-you-happy vibes to Rich!!!! Keep us posted!
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~~~~~~positive new happy job finding waves to Rich~~~~~~
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Rich has a job interview tomorrow!!!!! My bosses wife knows a place that is hiring and she got him an interview! I really really hope he gets the job! This would be alittle closer to home, 40 hours a week, full benefits, alittle less money but we will have to make due I just want to see him happy again! Thanks for all the vibes guys, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!
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Heaps of Good Luck for Rich's interview tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

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Wishing good luck on your husband's job interview tomorrow!
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I hope everything goes well at his interview! Sending get the job vibes his way!
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Val, I'm joining in a little late here, but what great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree with your decision that happiness takes precedence over income. I so hope things turn around for him!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!
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Rich says he thinks the interview went really well! They are going to let him know by the end of the week Keep those vibes coming, he said he would LOVE this job! So I really really hope he gets it!!! even if it means me having to stop shopping so much!
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Val, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him!! (Well, maybe not literally. But definitely figuratively!!)

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HE GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys!!! He starts monday! He is telling the other place to shove it tomorrow he is actually going to be happy! Board magic works wonders
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OMG That is wonderful!!! I am so happy for the two of you.

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That's such great news, Val!!

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thank you! It is going to be REALLY hard money wise for 60 days, and then he will get a raise and things will be almost back to normal. I just pray that none of the cats get sick so we have time to get our fiancees back in order.
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I'm glad your husband got the job!
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That's fantastic! Glad he got the job, thats great!
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Sorry for chiming in late here, but that is wonderful news. I just have to say that your original post was very touching. It was obvious how much you love Rich & how you just want to see him happy. And now, he's off to a better job...so you both win!

Still sending many happy thoughts you're guys' way & prayers that you're kitties don't get sick!
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Val that is so great!!! Congrats to you and Rich!
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I'm so sorry your hubby is so unhappy. I'd much rather make a little less money and be happy then more money and miserable. Been there, done that. I'll be thinking about you both and hoping for the best.
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Val that is wonderful news that Rich got another job. Less money is sometimes a good thing when work is a miserable place to go to. I have a good job but know that I could be making a lot more money somewhere else.

If Rich is a happier person when he comes home from work than less money is worth it. Tell Rich I said CONGRATS!
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He will have more time and he promises he is goign to finally start building cat condos So hopefully we will be able to take up the difference with that. Tonight we are going to go food shopping since we never eat at home and we will start cooking for our selves again, that will save money. And i'll talk to my parents so they will know we might need help until he gets bumped up in pay alittle. I'm SO excited for him! It seems like a really great jump. And they said if he moves up a level we get a free apartment (NICE apartment). I dont think they would allow all our pets, so we wouldn't take that offer, but it sounds like they really take care of there people

I'm so excited for him! I hope his last two days of work at the tile place are easy!
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