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Thank you all so much for this thread! See, I feel the way most of you do about undisciplined children. But whenever I've sought relief from the intrusions of brats I've heard either "You've never had kids so you don't know anything about these things," or "Men don't know anthing about these things." And I'm sure I'll hear the same now, even after reading these posts in which you've all expressed sentiments similar to my own.

*waits for tone of thread to suddenly change*

Nevertheless, I now know it's not me! It's the little brats who've conned their parents, who themselves couldn't wait to be conned so as to demonstrate their political correctness. ("That's my out-of-control screaming kid," announced the yuppie father and mother proudly.) It's the post-Doctor-Spock "child psychology" which seeks to substitute so-called "understanding" for discipline. It's great to be off the "grump" hook on this subject! Thank you!

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After reading Tiggeytoes comments, I feel I have to tell my experience of running into kids acting up in the stores, running, pushing and laughing loudly. A little boy bumped into me, about 7, and I said in a low voice, "stop running and yelling". He stopped short, looked at me and backed away and said "okay". At least he didn't run into me again. No mother in sight or I probably would have gotten a lecture, too.
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It always amazes me to see how some parents let their children behave in public. As a strict parent, it drives me nuts because then I have to explain to my children why they don't get to do "such and such" just because their friends or other children are doing it. I think a lot of parents are just taking the path of least resistance, which will only backfire in the long run. Being strict and getting these kids to behave is HARD!

I took the kids grocery shopping this morning with their grandma, and Amy behaved perfectly. I was proud of her.
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Perfect timing with this thread. I was in Wal-Mart yesterday, and 2 kids (one being at least 12 or 13) came flying around the corner and almost ran right into me. The older one was leading a younger (6ish?) one in running around, playing some sort of hide-and-seek from other kids.

I, never being at a loss for words, said, "This is a store and not a playground. You need to stop running around like it is." And to the older one, "If you're old enough to be carrying around a pocketbook, you're old enough to behave appropriately in a store."

Can't help it. The teacher in me always pops out.
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Dodo....I know how you feel. I LOVE kids......but also LOVE it when they go home! Maybe that is why I never had any of my own. I feel kind of like I am missing out on something, though. But I am scared to death of pregnancy, and giving birth, and the responsibility that comes with a child. Heck, I am doing good to remember to feed and water my cats every day, (which of COURSE I do), but a child.....wow. The responsibility scares me worse than the pain.
I am bottle feeding two, week old kittens right now.They wake me up in the middle of the night crying, and I have to go fix the 'formula' and feed them...but at least anytime I want to leave, I can just leave!!!!! I don't know if this makes any sense.
I would make a great mom...I know that...but I am so scared, and so set in my ways, I am almost 36, so life as I know it would be over...and the money!!!!!!!! How on earth do people afford kids??
But part of me DOES want a baby!!!!!!!!!
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I want to have kids someday, I hope maybe within the next five years (I'm 26 now). I'm scared about the whole discipline issue though.

I was one of the rare kids who never threw a tantrum or ran out of control. Not once, ever. I was too scared of embarrassing or disappointing my parents. All my parents did was raise their tone of voice slightly when they said my name, and I knew I was heading down the wrong path. It never occurred to me to sass back or refuse to obey.

Now I'm stuck with no examples of how to effectively discipline my children, who will most likely be less self-restrained than I was. My parents are no help--they never had to do it. Expecting my kids to "just mind" like I did is probably naive. Are there classes for this? Or do I have to just fly by the seat of my pants?
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Here's the thing about parenting... and believe me, I'm no expert, but.....

There are no rules, there is no "best way", every child is different and it seems, at least with my kids, every parenting styles is different, what works with one will not necessarily work with another. The things, you do the best you can, according to what YOU believe is right, and hopefully they will turn out okay.

I think, that up until about 9 or 10, perhaps even younger than that, you can raise a child, instill within them the basics of what they will need... morals ethics and so on. After that, everything else is advice, they should by then know the difference between right and wrong and ultimately at that age, they should know and will do the right thing. Of course it is still our responsibility to make sure they are in the right situations and with the right people doing the right things... Kids will make mistakes, push the envelope, figure out what they can get away with and what they can't... that's what they do.. how they learn.. we hopefully guide them.

Being a parent is scary business, but very rewarding.

And all this crap about " you must not have kids, what do you know", since when does one need to have kids to use common sense and know what is and is not acceptable behavior. Those people kill me, thinking they have a corner on the market when it comes to teaching there kids social interaction.

Okay... im dronning on...

Remember this is jut my opinion....

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