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Is there any worth to this whole "online dating" idea?

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Well, now that I'm single . . . .

Basically, I don't really want to date seriously yet, so I thought it would be fun to try the whole "online" thing out. TCS is my only experience with getting to know people online, and it's definitely been a positive one . . . so I thought maybe this would warrant looking into?

Does anyone here have any experience with this that they could share? I'm pretty clueless.
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My experience was so-so at best. I have given up on it.
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A lady I work with just married a man she met through one of the online dating forums...clearly worked for her
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Tybalt and I met online, we've been together 3 1/2 yrs now. However, a word of warning, I had only 2 cats when I met him.

I think there is an online matchmaking site that matches people who like cats? I forget what it is called.

Best of luck!!!
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I've tried online dating. I met 5 women in person in the months that I tried and there were some women that I decided not to meet or continue chatting with. I did discover one interesting thing. If you weren't attracted to their online photo, then it's highly unlikely that you will be attracted to them in person. Don't fool yourself because you seem to have some chemistry online. The reason I say this is because a single 2-D photo can make you unsure of the whole picture, but if your gut feeling is that you don't feel any physical attraction, you're probably right. It just doesn't matter how good you get along as friends. With that said, I don't recommend chatting with someone for weeks without ever meeting them. I do recommend only looking for people in your immediate area.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Don't do what some women do and upload a Photoshoped picture of yourself. Use an honest photo.
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I have a friend who's really into computers. She wasn't interested in dating anyone she met online, but she did meet someone in a computer-tech chatroom. They chatted online for quite a few months, spoke on the phone and exchanged pictures. Now she has moved and is living with the man she met in the chatroom. So far, the relationship is going very well.

And now, another word of warning...you probably already know this but, you don't always know who you are really talking to in a chatroom, and online dating can be dangerous in this respect. My friend was really lucky that both she and the man she met online were both completely honest about who they were.
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i'm not too sure about online dating.. have tried it a couple of times when i was much younger and somethings turn out well, and some don't. My ex bf was somebody from the online dating kinda stuff... well, let's just say after him, i gave up hope...
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i haven't seen her on in awhile, but that's how Kidsncats met her husband....
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LOL...remember you asked I spent too long (10 years) taking a break from dating after I felt I'd begun to consistently choose the wrong kind of men for me. I met my husband online, when we were both sysops (similar to moderators here)on a pets forum on compuserve, when compuserve was not part of aol, and the forums were private. Somehow, writing as we did, seeing how he handled himself when dealing with other forum members, having a fellow staffer who had met him, all these things led to a wonderful online and via phone courtship. We would never have met if not for the internet as we were living on opposite coasts with no friends or acquaintences in common, and those who know us, agree...it's a match made in Heaven (thank you ) and such an incredibly unexpected thing. I wasn't looking, and at the age we met, I was 39, I didn't think I was ever going to marry anyone. I had always refused to settle for less than what I wanted, and in waiting, doing my own thing those 10 years, led me to finding just the kind of decent, kind, loving, intelligent, faithful, funny, creative, fun to be with, exceptional values kind of man that I met and he's cute too
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My friend met her now husband online. They wrote for quite awhile (emailed I mean) and finally met. They have been married for 2 years now and going strong. They met through a dating service online that hooked up people who have horses and similiar interests. They even got married on horseback.

I met my husband through the personal ads long before computers were a household appliance. We will be married 17 years soon. We wrote to each other 4 years and met twice within that time frame.
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