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What do you feed your kitten?

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What do you feed your kitten? I gave mine Pro Plan cat food. It probabily wasn't the smart thing.
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I feed Luna Royal Canin Kitten food, for kittens aged 4-12 months.
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HOw old is your kitten now? If he/she is under 1 year you could still switch to a kitten formula food.

I use IAMS and Eukanuba but don't have any kittens. I would use the same only kitten formula if I did have a kitten though.
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My kitten was 11 wks old, then he was put to sleep
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My kitten loved nutro natural care. It is not going to do your kitten any harm that you gave it cat food, but your should switch it to a kitten formula immediatly. Kittens require more fat, protein, vitamins and minerals that are in "kitten formulas" rather than in cat foods.

Also, it is important to feed your kitten a premium brand like Nutro, Science Diet or Iams. Not only do they have much higher quality ingredients, each bag is the exact replication of a specific recipe. With grocery brands (non-premium brands), each bag is made up of different things to fill the nutrition requirements. That is not a good thing.

Feeding your kitten a premium brand also reduces the amount that they eat because they are filling their nutrient levels much faster than eating a "cheaper" food. This also reduces the amount of stool your kitten produces and makes healthier, harder and darker stools that are easier to clean up. Less stomach gas too.

If you are confused about what brands are premium, visit your local PetSmart or Petco. "Authority" cat food at PetsMart is also a good economically premium brand own by PetsMart. A good general, beginning list of premium foods include Nutro, Science diet, Eukanuba, Authority and Nature's Recipe. See what your kitten likes and thrives on.

Again, I can't stress enough how important a kitten formula is for your little one. It gives him/her every advantage of developing into it's full potential by providing the right amount of nutrition for every cell in his/her body.

Good luck and let us know how your kitten is doing! Would love to see some pics!

Take care, hoped this helped...and sorry so long!!

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I highly recommend Royal Canin's Kitten foods. They are awesome! My kitties are both on Royal Canin Slim 38. Peppurr is overweight and Zeus is ideal. You can feed Slim 38 to ideal and overweight cats!
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I feed Alley Science Diet kitten food
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I've been feeding my 4 month old kittens Iams kitten food, along with Iams canned food as a supplement.

I've been noticing blood in the litterbox at least once daily (a small amount), and sometimes on their little rear ends. I had the vet do a fecal culture, and also do a smear to look for bacteria--everything looks fine. I do notice that they have a soft stool at times, too--other times it's fine.

The vet advised me to switch them to Nutro adult cat food instead of Iams kitten. He told me that the dry kitten foods often don't have enough fiber and can be tough on their bowel tracts.
The kittens go back for shots in three weeks, and at that time he wants me to let him know if any improvement has been seen.

We started mixing this in with the Iams Kitten dry tonight. I admit that I'm a little nervous moving them to an adult formula food, despite the OK from the vet. Has anyone else switched their kitten to an adult formula food for this reason? Thanks!

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my two are on Nutro Kitten...they just love it! and so do i!
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