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Just a little board magic please

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I feel selfish for asking for board magic given my reasons.

I'm sitting here waiting for the bank manager to call me back about a bank job that I applied for. I really hope I got the job. At the moment I work in a pharmacy and I love the customers and what I do but there is one person there who is making my job almost unbearable at the moment.

So just a little board magic is all I want.

Thanking you all in advance.
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you got it! I know people who make life nasty for other's.(it suck's)
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Sending some board magic your way!!! Good luck!
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Good Luck
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Don't feel like you're being selfish! We have more then enough board magic to go around!
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Sending good vibes your way!!

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Sending vibes your way Mags!
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I hope you get the job!!!! *~*~*Get the job vibes!*~*~~
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Good vibes coming your way Mags!
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Good Luck
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Good Luck!! Job getting vibes your way.
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Sending good luck dust! Let us know what happens!
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Sending more *get bank job* vibes your way!
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good luck! I hope you get that job!
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Good luck!!! *crosses fingers* (=
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~~~~~sending positive job getting waves atcha~~~~~
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I know it's been a couple of weeks since I stopped by but I wanted to let you all know what happenned.

Well, the interview went well and it turned out that I didn't get the job. They hired another person who applied and scored equal high score with me on a test that was part of the application process. But they kept my CV on file.

Well it now turns out that the person that was hired didn't pass the prohibity test, (checks whether you've ever comitted fraud or been declared bankrupt), and other issues arose and the branch manager called me yesterday to tell me that the job was mine if I could pass the test. And you betcha, I can.

Soooo....I have the job!!! It takes a week to do the check, so I'm gonna give my notice of resignation on Tuesday. The pharmacy is going to be audited on Monday for national accreditation and I want my certificate for all the hard work that I put in so I'll stick around for that!

Thank you for the board magic! It worked wonderfully!!
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That's terrific, congratulations!
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