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Nice to meet you all!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Kara and I am completing my last year of college. I have always had an array of small animals (Hamsters and Guinea Pigs) and my parents always had dogs as I grew up. Moving in with my boyfriend has given me the oppurtunity to understand and live with a cat. Our cat, Einstein is about 2 and a half years old. We adopted him a year ago and he is a darling that keeps me company while I am home from school and my bf is at work. He is a gorgeous grey maine coon mix- I will be sure to get some pictures up soon.

I have decided to expand my family and adopt another cat. Tomorrow I am bringing home a 3 year old "buff tiger" that was left alone in a closet for 2 and a half years. After spending some time with him at PetsMart, I was surprised to see that he actually loves to be held and pet even though he was treated so poorly in the past. Both of the cats are fixed and I am hoping that they will get along well.

Along with these pets, I have a black bear hamster named Jeb, a guinea pig named Toby and an array of fish. I'm still deciding on a name for my new cat...tossing around Joel or Davis...let me know if you have any ideas. I obviously really like "people names".

Anyway, I am so happy to meet you all and find a wonderful place like this.

Be all,
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Welcome, Kara! I'm right down the turnpike from you in Abington!

Bless your heart for rescuing this buff tabby guy! Have you decided on a name for him yet?
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That's great your taking in the new cat tomorrow!
Sounds like he had a tough life.

I also have a Guinea Pig,Fish + 3 cats now.
We had a hamster for a few years but she passed
away from old age this summer.

They are definately
a fun pet to have.

Hi and Welcome to TCS, can't wait to see the pics!
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Hi Welcome to TCS. Your truley are the buff tabbies' guardian angel. I applaud you
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Welcome to the site! How wonderful that you are bringing home a kitty with such a horrible past. Be forewarned that he may become very scared and hide a lot when you bring him home. Many cats do this, but especially with his history of neglect the upheaval in his life may be too much for him to handle all at once.

Also, please check out I'd like you to meet...., a great article on properly introducing the two kitties. They will very much appreciate it, and will probably get along better in the long run, if you do this.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. And enjoy your time here!!
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Welcome to this wonderful site of fun and info
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Welcome to TCS.
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you.

And a big congradulations for adopting both your felines.
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Welcome to TCS and congratulations on your adoptions.
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Welcome Kara, happy to meet you and your pets!
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hi kara,
Welcome. I also have my second hamster (Hermione), an adopted guinea pig (Olive) and 2 cats.You are wrfffffffffffffffffrr(My Kitten's contribution). You are wonderful to adopt your new cat. Good luck with him.
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Welcome Kara To TCS
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