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Well thanks so much to everyone who gave their opinon on what to do about Levi's heart murmur. On Thrusday they went to the vet because Jordan has ring worm. They had to get dipped in some stinky stuff & then they were started on oral medication. So since they had to be sedated to be dipped (Jordan can be a handlful when trying to hold him anywhere he doesn't want to be), they decided they could nueter them both the same day. So Levi was schedualed for his chest x-ray & the vet & I agreed that as long as that didn't show anything since a neuter is only about a 15 min procedure that it would be ok to go ahead with the neuter. So I picked up two very cranky, kind of smelly, neutered boys Thursday evening. So now I have time to save up for a heart work up should I decide to have one done. I was so relieved when the vet called & said they were both done & everything went fine. However, the neuter has certainly not calmed them down, they are still my maniac boys. Oh and the vet had me start to feed adult cat food because they went from 7.6 # (Levi) & 7.4# (Jordan) to 8# (each) in a week.