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Hi! I've been using this site for months now, but realized I haven't introduced myself. I'm Lauren (22, live in Michigan) and I have two cats (one from a rescue and one from the humane society). They were both adopted as adults and I could not have made a better choice about that! They are both 2 and female (spayed of course). Kinsey is calico and Mosely is brown/orange tiger.

I have a question about fostering cats for anyone with experience with that (not sure if this is the right forum for this topic or not). I really want to foster kittens, but am concerned about the effects it might have on my cats. Like getting my cats sick, behavior problems, etc. Also, when you foster do you usually have to pay the vet bills? If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would love some feedback. Basically I'm clueless and want to find out if I can do this or not. Thanks for the advice!!
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Hi Lauren!

I am fostering for the very first time right now. I just picked up 2 Abyssinians this weekend! I already know I want them to stay forever, so I don't think I'm a good one to ask for advice!
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Sorry I don't have any experience with fostering
but wanted to say Hi and Welcome to TCS!

I know a lot of people on here foster so someone will
be able to answer your questions I'm sure.
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Welcome to this site

I know for fostering you have to have a spare room to separate the new cats . After health check ect. you may slowly introduce them to your cats , if you want . But there are more people here doing that and can give you more and better info on that issue .Good luck
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Welcome to the site! That's wonderful that you want to foster!! It is so desperately needed....

Perhaps you could start a thread in the SOS forum about it? Many people who work with shelters visit there often, so you may get more of a response from people with experience.
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Welcome to TCS!

I hope you can get your questions answered.
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Hi and welcome to TCS Lauren.
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Welcome! No experience with fostering either, but I'm sure you'll get excellent pointers from others.
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Hello Lauren! You'll get good advice on fostering kitties on this site! Good luck!
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Welcome to TCS Lauren!

We fostered our three kitties before we adopted them as they were too little to be spayed/adopted at the time. A friend of ours worked at the Humane Society and hooked us up. The Humane Society paid for all the bills for treatments spaying etc. while we were fostering them. All we had to do was provide love , food, shelter, litter, toys... I would check with the facility you are planning on fostering with. Good luck.
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Hi Lauren!

I am also a new member. I am now trying to introduce my new 1.5 yr old rescue to my 5 month old Birman! Of course the Birman (Aiko) has had the run of the house for 2 months now so she thinks she owns the place! Cats are Sooooooo territorial.. it's a difficult & long process to make everyone happy, but I have the utmost confidence we can do it! I found this link yesterday while Surfing. You might get some help from it as well. Welcome !! (even though I myself just arrived too!)
Fostering Cats

Hope this helps!
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Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to Welcome you and your kitties.
Thanks for rescuing them.
I don't have any experience fostering kitties, but I'm sure there are many people here that can give you all kinds of advice. Hope you find the info you are looking for.

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