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My newest addition.....

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Here's my latest addition. Isn't she pretty?
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At the risk of coming across as a complete idiot, what exactly is she?

She's definitly cute!!
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She's cute! (She is a chinchilla, right?)
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Originally posted by Suzy

At the risk of coming across as a complete idiot, what exactly is she?

She's definitly cute!!
Me too... She's adorable , but I've certainly never seen one before.
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OMG!!! She is adorable!!! I love Chins...I always wanted one but too expensive for me. What did you name her?
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What?!? She's not a cat?


Yep, she's a chinchilla. She's #12. She's so sweet!
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She's 5 years old, and came with her name. I decided not to change it since she's had it so long. Her name is Fiora. She might be pregnant

Another pic
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I'm really curious now. How big is she? Do the cats try to chase her?
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She's 766 grams (just over a pound and a half?). My cats usually don't after anything bigger than a mouse. Not even rats. But I've had the chins longer than the cats, and they've grown up respecting them.

She's not my only chin, have 11 others.
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Her future boyfriend, she's in quarantine now, so she's by herself.
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Well, she is adorable. They are adorable.

Thanks for the info.
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They're such cute animals! How long do they usually live?
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15 - 20 years is normal. When I went to get Fiora, the breeder showed me her 2 newest kits, beautiful healthy babies. The she told me that mom was 15. She was having to supplement them a little, but otherwise, mom was taking care of them. I also know someone with a 28 year old male (named Gramps) who is still breeding. I figure I'll probably retire my females at 10 or so, unless they stop breeding on their own before that, or it stresses them out too much.

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Chinchillas are just too darn cute. And Fiora is simply adorable! I love when you post pictures of them Dawn.
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Hey Dawn,

Fiora is so sweet!! Just one small question, why is her boyfriend's eyes so red?? is that the way you differentiate if it's a guy or girl?
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They're so cute!!
I've never seen them before, so I'm
glad someone else asked the question lol
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It's genetic. His eyes aren't as red as the pic, more of a ruby, the flash brings it out.

He's what you call a brown velvet, which is another name for TOV beige. Any chinchilla with beige will have those ruby eyes. Ebony has black eyes. By breeding these two, I can get a color called tan, that looks like a dark beige, but the color shows on the belly as well as the back, like an ebony. Beige and standard (gray color you find them in in the wild) have white bellies. You add ebony, you get a colored belly, add beige, you get the red eyes. A tan will have red eyes and a colored belly.

Here's a picture of one of my trio's, there is a Standard female, a beige female, and a white male.
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Originally posted by DawnA
What?!? She's not a cat?

Cute. I don't know anything about them though. What are they like? Give me the low-down!
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add a cat (for the independent sprit), a rabbit (for the bounciness), and a ferret (for the mischieviousness). Then make it FAST and squirrely. You've got a chinchilla. Some are very sweet, some are more independent. All are bouncy and hyper at times. And they don't always show it, but they're SMART.

Very fun pets, some people think don't like them because they're not going to curl up in your lap or follow you around. But if you understand how they work, they are awesome pets!
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One more pic...This is my sister, Tanya, and her sweet boy Taz. He is such a sweet guy! He is standard (his color). I just sent one of my females to live with him.
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She's beautiful!! That's the first picture I've ever seen of an adult Chinchilla, I think. How big do they get to be, on average?
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Average size is hard to determine, as there is a very wide range of sizes. Average for a pet quality chin is probably 550 grams. Show quality 700-900+. I have two boys that are about 420, one is old, the other is growing. One female who is 450, but she had a horrible bought with giardia, and went down to 295 grams! She's normally 650 or so. Two nice females about 700, one 600. The rest are not done growing. Gus (fiora's boyfriend) is over 700, Fiora is 766, but usually over 800. I have seen chinchillas over 1000 grams. But I don't care for the huge ones.
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How cute! My sister-in-law used to raise Chinchilla's many years ago. She had a run of cages for the females and let her male run between the cages. She also had a big cage for her favorite pair, Kango and Roo. She just sold her baby chins to the pet store.

My husband and I got to house sit when she went on vacation, so I used to know how to take care of them - it's been about 12 years ago since I've handled them.
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Alot of people still breed in runs. It's a good way to breed chinchillas, if you don't mind those tiny cages. They really are just so small. I like them being able to have room to jump around.
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I love it when you post pics of your chinnies. They are absolutely darling! Congrats on Fiora! and what an interesting name!
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Awww she is a honey
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