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Sphynx Kitties

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Anyone out there interested in talking about their Sphynx. I'd love to hear about them, their personalities, traits, eating habits, etc. My Sphynx, Moo-Shoo is 7 months old. He hates being bathed. He loves yogurt, soy nuts, ice cream, chicken, scrambled eggs and sleeping under the covers with me at night.
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I think our sphynxs must be related!!! My Lucy also loves to sleep under the covers, and will paw at the sheets until I lift them up for her. She knows how to get under them herself, but wants me to do the work for her. She also eats everything, even lettuce. She is extremely playful and can keep right up with my cornish rexs.

Lucy is red (looks pink), so that is how she got her name. E-mail a pic of your sphynx if you can. Lucy is laying on top of the monitor right now. She also loves to sit in my lap,make biscuits, and purr(loudly). She can keep that up for 20 minutes-1/2 hour if she is so inclined.


Julie, Lucy, and the gang
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Why don't you make them a cat page?

Just one word of caution - I just found out that if you run a search for cat pages of longhaired cats, the Sphynx cats also come up in the results I need to fix that...
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Thanks for the link!! I'll definately do that. I have tons of pics, and need to sort through to find the choicest ones. What kind of kitties do you have?


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Hi Cornishrex!

My Sphynx has this weird trait. He curls up under the covers purring loudly and sucks on his own nipple while kneading with his two front paws. He usually does this for about 5 or 10 minutes till he drifts off to sleep. Almost like a kid sucks his thumb. It gives him comfort. I can instantly tell when he's asleep because the noise stops but the purring continues. Weird, huh? Does anyone else's Sphynx do this?
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I have 2 sweet mixed breeds Julie. Donna, I've heard about cats sucking clothes and wool like that and even sucking their own paws but his own nipple?!?! How can he reach it to suck comfortably?
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I'm not sure how Moo does it, although he has 8 teats to choose from. He's become a contortionist kitty and sucks on the close one to his chin. Hey, it gives him comfort so far be it from me to try and stop him.
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Moo is a great cat, but was taken away from his mom too early as was his cousins, including my Phoebe. I would love to have pictures posted of our babies - how do you do that? I have lots of digitals I would love to share. Sphynx are such clowns!
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Just go to the cat pages and follow the instructions. You can post all your cats...just like me..ALL 11!!!
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