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Taking Warren to the vet today...

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Well, I got an appointment for Warren at the vet at 5:30. Some of you may know, but my almost-9-year-old dog Warren, who acts like a puppy most of the time, has something wrong with him. I'm a little baffled - it started Saturday. He was holding his paw up, so at first I thought he hurt his leg - they tear around a lot, so minor leg injuries are not uncommon.

However, he is acting like the pain may be in his neck, or maybe in his chest. I took him for a short walk yesterday to see if I would notice anything wrong, and he was walking just fine. But he just howls when he has to get up after lying down, and a couple of times I've lightly brushed my leg against the side of his head when I walk by, and he hollers like crazy. I THINK he may just have a kink in his neck, but I just don't know. He's usually so rambunctious, and all he has been doing is laying down and not getting up unless he has to.

So good vibes would be appreciated that he's OK. I'm also really hoping for a diagnosis that doesn't require tons of lab work, xrays, etc - I think my husband will divorce me if I show up with another $300 vet bill with a diagnosis of 'It's a sprain - it'll heal.' Of course I'd rather hear that than something terrible, but it would be nice if these animals could give us more of a clue as to exactly where and how much pain they are having, wouldn't it?

I hope I'm not coming across as uncaring, I really love my dog and I'm worried sick about him!!!
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Originally posted by Suzy

I hope I'm not coming across as uncaring, I really love my dog and I'm worried sick about him!!!
Not uncaring at all, I think most of us have that feeling about our pets and the bills some time or another (frequently at my house !)

Keep us updated on what the vet says please!
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I certainly hope he's OK. Sending get-well vibes to Warren.

One of our dogs has a herniated disc in his neck, and if he overdoes it & gets too active, he'll walk around with his head to the side and just yip in a way that makes me heartsick. The vet gave us some anti-inflammatory medicine, plus we give him Cosequin for his arthritis. We also have to be careful not to let him jump around too much. It was diagnosed about 3 years ago, and he does OK as long as he doesn't play too rough.

Let us know what your vet finds out, and how he's doing.
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Good thoughts going up for Warren...I hope it isn't anything serious. Let us know what you find out.
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I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that whatever is ailing Warren isn't serious. Keep us posted.
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Well, it's definitely his neck that's causing him pain. Apparently there are a few different things it can be - from an injury that will heal nicely all the way to some degenerative vertebrae problems that some breeds of dogs get. The vet didn't want to do x-rays because his neck is pretty sore. She gave him some Prednisone, and that may take care of it all on its own. Otherwise, if he doesn't get better by the time the medication's gone, we'll probably have to do some x-rays and see what they show.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes!!
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I hope the prednisone does the trick for him! That stuff can work wonders. It can also be wicked for some humans.
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Wow, 24 hours on the Prednisone and he is doing much better!! He's way more active, and not acting like he's in pain. I did hear him yelp when he was out in the garage with the other dog, but only once and not nearly as loud or long as he was.

I am so relieved!
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