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OMG those eyes of the cats are to beautifull . I am glad that I found this thread . I will have to look later to see if I have pics too
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Here's a detail shot I took this morning with a macro (closeup) lens:

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Scott you have an awesome camera, and I have the strong feeling that you know a good deal about photography. Your pictures are all beautiful, and the clarity and detail on the eye of Tiki is just perfection.
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Positively gorgeous, Scott!!
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Scott you did a great job with that pic , looks awsome .
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Wow these are all great photos! -lots of very clear pictures!
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The rest of these pics are in the "More pics of Kanga" thread

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The Sammycat

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Here's Punkin-Head Jones - just the eyes
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I'am glad she had this beautiful big green eyes. They always tell me when she's ready to play or not.
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I love all your pics , they are so cute .
I got some new pics . Here is Lily
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This is Shanahna
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forgot to attach , sorry
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And Jasmine
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A few more eyes

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here are my Leo eye's at 2 months old!

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I just love this thread

Hedi that picture of Lily is so beautiful.
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Thank you Sicy . I am in love with her green eye myself .

Bobcat your pics are so cute with them babies .

Cookie , Leos's eyes are just as gorgeous
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OMG I love this thread so much...!

Scott do you do Photography for a living? Cos that's some amazing work!
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Ok I found a few.. Here's Sophie recently, man I love this photo...

And another. In both her big brown eyes look so beautiful.

And Holly..

And one I found that I had never seen of Holly before but here she is squinting..

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Originally posted by AmberThe Bobcat
A few more eyes

1) Eyes of the Imperial Kitten
2) "So this is what the whole wide world looks like..."
3) "Yo! Let's play!!"
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Here's the latest closeup eye photo:

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It's all in the eyes!!!
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My blue-eyed boy
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MA, your blue-eyed boy looks almost just like my Tigger kitten. Gotta get a eye-pic of him to post so we can compare!
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Awwww Mary Anne, I'm guessing that's Kahuna!! He's a dream!
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This is Mellisa
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One of Spaz
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and Buddy, trying to find a good eye shot of Pandora.
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wow cool pics everyone!

anyone lese got eyes to share?

we would love to see them!!
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