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Oh, they are beautiful. I want to get a Aby. It's very hard to find a purebred Aby here in the Los Angeles shelters, and there's nothing more beautiful than an Aby.
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Hope, there are a few California Abys on the Nat'l Aby Rescue site.

I do know that sometimes there is help in transporting ones from out of your area to you.

Alfie is in Southern CA, and the two blue girls, Isris and Phaedria are in Northern CA.
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Awwwww cuties! Hey have you introduced them to your other 16 yet?
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OH SUE your two new babies are absolutly gorgeous . The girl sure looks like she is the queen
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Sue, Mom of More Than Ten Cats Actually.
LOL!! I love the new title!!

Sue, the new kitties are gorgeous!!
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The new pics are great! They are such elegant cats, I really want to reach out to pet Osiris' ear.
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Just wondering, what does Osiris's ear feel like?
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Very beautiful cats - I just want to them!
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Hm, hard to describe. It's thicker than his other ear. He doesn't mind having the base of it scritched, in fact he rather likes it.
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They are both stunning! When will they meet all of the others, or have they already?
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