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Murph's Broken Hip Surgery Fundraiser

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Hi all,


I'm brand new to here and was hoping you wouldn't mind if I shared the fundraising page for my kitty Murph's recent (yesterday) very expensive, surprise fractured hip surgery.


I will never know how, as my vet has reminded me 50 times now, he did it. I woke up one morning and he was limping and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. He does have a brother he plays pretty rough with, so I can only imagine it's a bad play-related injury. Or that he fell on it in a strange way. He is a maine coon mix, but has a very small frame, so maybe his bones are brittle? I don't know, this is all my own speculation.


Anyway, it has set me with a $3770 vet bill which I, a single girl living alone, truly cannot afford. I've had to take out a loan with a steep interest rate from a medical financier to cover the cost. I am lucky enough to have wonderful friends and family that have contributed, but we still have a long way to do. I would be eternally grateful and appreciative of anyone that may have anything at all to spare towards our vet bill fund: 


Thank you so very much to anyone who can help. If this is not the right place for this or is considered inappropriate by anyone, my apologies! I would totally understand. I just didn't think it would hurt to ask, especially to a group that understands kitty love, and most likely vet struggles, as much as I now do.




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From the Mod Team Regarding Pleas for money:

Cats are a huge responsibility. Anyone who thinks otherwise, should not have one in their life. They are dependent on us for everything from providing a place to eat, to also providing vet care.

Anyone who has cats knows that they can and do get ill. Your best defense is to plan for that to happen before it does, and store monies away in preparation.

If you read about a plight of an animal on the internet and your heart is drawn to help. Check out the story thoroughly. Google the vet's name or call Directory Assistance in the city and be sure this is a legitimate claim.

Do not blindly send money into a paypal account no matter how heart-wrenching the story. Instead reach out to the member and ask for the vet's name and phone number, and arrange to send the money there for the specific needs of the cat in question.

If that information cannot be provided- you have your answer. Report the post to a moderator so that it can be removed for not being on the level.
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