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Hey MA!

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Trip fix please ma'am. I'm starting to twitch from withdrawals.
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no picture
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Sorry guys- hard drive crash- all pictures are on the old hard drive and I have a brand new computer. Right now it is steadily getting rebuilt to full capabilities- guess you better check yourself into the Trip Rehabilitation Center- soon you will be feline fine!
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no matter how many times I see those trips , they are to cute to look at . M.A. you can post a pick of them any time , I love them .
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MA, those three look like sooo much fun! The bond between them is so special too, you can just feel in the pictures. I really love those three!
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Thanks, we love them as well. At least I still have their old pics online at Picture Trail. They are getting so big now- and they act like they are on Kitty Krack every morning!
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I can't wait to see updated pics of the trips.
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LOL! MA I can onnnly imagine.

Craig and I thought "woo hoo we're getting our boys neutered maybe they'll calm down a little!". Thats a big fat PFFFFFFTTT!

Jake could be in a dead sleep snoring his little itty nose off and if I pick up "his sock" (it was my sock and he chose to make it his play toy and put holes all in it, oh and he couldn't just pick any old sock.. it had to be my FAVORITE MOST COMFY PAIR IN THE WORLD! *pout*) he wakes up and starts swatting at the sock. It's like he has this radar that will interrupt even the sweetest of dreams. "BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP Sock is in movement.. BEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP must capture and kill sock.."

Almost 3 years old and he still plays as fierce and as often as he did when he was 4 months old!

I can only imagine the handful those three are, but boy they look like a blast!
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Taz and Wink
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Flowerbelle's black streaks on the back of her head aren't as prominent, but every time I see one of the Trips I think she could be a missing fourth, LOL!

I'm so glad to hear you've got a new computer! I KNOW what a hassle it is to switch, but it's so nice to have a new system when the old one had become completely unreliable.....

Hissy wrote:
they act like they are on Kitty Krack every morning!

I cannot imagine having three of these - that is an excellent way to describe Flowerbelle! (Although - I'd add every evening after dinner to that)
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Aw! Taz & Wink!
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