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Blue Monday Daily Thread

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Good Morning all of you!
Yes, it indeed is Monday.
My feet are cold - its a cold day today. Nice, and I was enjoying the warm weather.

I have a volleyball game on tonight, going to the gym this arvo. I have been going to the 3 fat chicks website and making entries in my journal and I feel so much more motivated in losing weight!
Hubby has a cold and so hes miserable. Great.

I hope everyone has a wonderful monday!
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Another cold morning here, too. It's 39 here, and only supposed to go as high as 45 today! Brrr!!! And I have to head out in that cold in a few minutes for work!

The cats are convinced we have the computer room door closed because there is a secret stash of kibble and catnip in here, and are desperately trying to tunnel under the doorframe to get in. Of course, all that is in here are two scared Abys! Well, they are less scared than they were yesterday, both of them came out late last night before I went to bed and we had a love fest. Nefertiti walked all over my lap and licked my cheek. Osiris demanded a belly rub. We are doing well indeed here! But still, the slightest noise and they are both under the table, huddled together.

Starting to think about plans for Thanksgiving. Can't believe it's only 2 1/2 weeks away! I may have my first Thanksgiving in all my 36 yrs away from my family; just me, Tybalt and the kitties this time, I think.
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it is here 19,last week it was 60!! I have the day off!!!!Thank God!!
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Good morning to every one . It is getting cooler here too in Georgia and only in the 70 maybe . Yesterday it was 68 and I was cold . I guess I am used to the warm climate here and I love it . How ever , it sure is a lot warmer here then by some of you guys . I think I would freezzzzzz my bumm bumm of by some of your places lol .
I was calling the vet of news for Ginger , only to find out I can pick her up after 2pm today . The Vet will talk to me then about her . So I don't know what is going on , it scares me a little not knowing at all .
I will do some cleaning and wasching today .

Sue I am so happy that the two babies start to warm up a little , that is so great and I am so happy about that .

I wish you all a great day today and a happy one too .
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Happy Monday Everyone
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It has been extremely hot here today - 30 degrees celsius - not sure what that is in farenheit. I went away this weekend and came back to find Tarka moving a little better. She at least can get her leg up to scratch her ear although the scratching bit is not too co-ordinated yet - but it is an impovement. My husband says it was because she wasn't mollycoddled all weekend! He thinks picking her up constantly puts pressure on her back.... I don't know - I am just hoping and praying still.

I am finishing work in 10 minutes and then going home to sleep! It was too hot to sleep last night!

Have a fabulous day all.
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Shadowfein 30 degrees is in the 80s farenheit here . I like it between 25 and 30 degrees , thats my type of weather , it is 70s to 80s in f here . I hope Tarka is doing better and all my wishes are with her .
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Looks to be a nice day here! Probably 18 degrees.

School , first! and then I'm not sure what I'm up to after school. Hope everyone has a nice day.
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Well, today is another Monday. I have to study for my geology test that I have tomorrow. Hopefully, I will do better than last time. I talked to my aunt on Saturday and she seems to be ok, but she is really emotionally messed up and needs to be on something...but all in all I think she will be ok within time. I don't really like Mondays because the weeks seem to pass by real slowly...ah well. Hope everyone has a great one...I need to start studying!
Bye, bye!
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