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Phycho cat?

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I have a 5 month kitten named Minnie who has been acting up. We got her about 3 months ago and she has settled in very well. But in the last month or so she has gotten very hyper, hence her nickname That Psycho Cat. When she first was allowed out of her "settling in" room for the night, she was very mellow, but after a few days of being allowed to roam the house she started getting very playful. Then she started quite literately running laps around the house, using the furniture as an extra boost by jumping on the pushing off. Now she also is "wrestling" with our 5y female tabby. Not sure if it is play or a battle for dominance. It happens very often now and mostly is started by Minnie and ends with the older cat sitting on her head and Minnie kicking her in the face. I am also always having to look where I am stepping because she likes of hide under furniture and grab you as you walk by. She also loves biting hands playfully, even though I am constantly tying to break her habit of that. The funniest thing though is that she will sit there and stare at the wall for a few minutes, do a couple laps, then watch the wall again over and over again.  When she is calm, she loves to be pet and loves kids. Over all though, she is a very friendly cat. Is there anything I can do to calm her down, stop the biting, wrestling, and Phycho moments?

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Sounds like she has a lot of energy, that's for sure!


This might be an odd question, but do you play with her? Sounds like she has some extra energy to burn! I use a "wand/stick" toy with my cat. It's just a stick with a toy at the end of the string, attached to the stick. She can hunt, and attack it all she likes, and my hands and fingers are out of the bite zone! Maybe try a lazer pointer; they're awesome, and again, safe on your hands and fingers ;)


Hope this helps!

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I know when I got my kitten (who is now a very big kitty), she did the same thing. She was absolutely bonkers. I was used as a human climbing tree, bit, scratched, the whole nine yards. After a few months she finally mellowed out - I equate it to the terrible two's of babies, but in kitten form :) I'd recommend playing with her as often as you can, that'll help burn the excess energy. And as long as the wrestling is in good fun and not aggressive, and the older tabby doesn't start to get aggressive - let them play. 


Also, your kitten is almost at the age to get spayed, which would probably help her calm down too. Good luck! :)

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While all three of my cats are very playful, two of them love to be chased by me and chase me. We have so much fun. It wears them out, and I get some exercise. Each of them have their way of telling me (a unique look) it is chase time!

If you have the energy, I highly recommend it. I bet your cat would live it!
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