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First Case of "Mad Cat Disease"

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Swiss Find First Case of "Mad Cat Disease"
From Susan Gordon - veganvirago@home.com

ZURICH, July 17 (Reuters) - A Swiss cat has been put down after it was found
suffering from an illness related to mad cow disease, the Swiss veterinary
office said on Tuesday.

The office said it was the first case of feline spongiform encephalopathy
(FSE) in Switzerland, but in Britain, 90 cases of the brain-wasting illness,
with symptoms similar to mad cow disease, or BSE, are known. The first was
registered in 1990.

FSE, which like bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in cows leads to
severe disorders of the central nervous system, could spread to humans
through cat consumption, the office said.

"We could only get the disease if we ate cats' brains," spokesman Heinz
Mueller told Swiss television, counseling people who eat cat to no longer do

While the exact cause of FSE is unknown, the Swiss assume the six-year-old
cat ate food containing animal brain tissue or bone marrow that was raw or
insufficiently heated.

"Swiss cats are not in jeopardy," Mueller said, referring to a 1996 ban on
the use of brain and marrow tissue, or of recycled dead cats and dogs, in cat

Meat and bone meal (MBM), a cheap source of protein made from ground-up
remains of livestock, is thought to transmit BSE, although experts say that
as long as the animals used in MBM did not have BSE, it is safe in cat and
dog food.

The Swiss office said that in various countries, big cats in zoos, like
pumas, tigers and lions, have been diagnosed with FSE.
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WashuSama; How depressing! The disease and also the fact that some people "eat" cats. :jarswim:

Do you think that some cheap cat food we have over here has this brain and marrow additive? What do we look for in our contents listings?

I will have to check that site to see what they say. Thank you for this information.
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What I don't understand is why they talk about the "stuff" not being sufficiently heated etc, since BSE is not affected by cooking anyway. So of course there is a chance of getting it from commercial foods, since for economical reasons the parts that humans don't use are used in pet foods. What do you think those animal-by-products are? That term can refer to a variety of things (and this is by no means limited to only "cheap" brands), one of the best of them being liver, but could also mean feathers, brains or marrow. Who knows, since the companies do not have to tell us.

If you want to know what's really in pet food, click on the link below. Warning you though, it's not a pleasant report to read.

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Eeek! This worries me! Now, I must figure out what to feed my babies to see that they have a very balanced meal. Commerical products really use all that stuff and do all that stuff? Wow. Kinda scary. I think the whole resturant grease... blender.. fat spraying thing scared me the most. That can't be good for out pets. *sigh* This is so sad.

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That's sad.
I sure hope my cats don't get that disease, and, I don't see why someone would want to eat a cat. That's also sad. They are just to cute and cuddly for that.
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In Korea they eat dogs. :girlie:
I have this video called korean dogs, it's about how they breed dogs for food, and slaughter them. It is VERY SAD!!
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I've heard of people who eat cats before, but never dogs! That is really sad.
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