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Good Thoughts and Vibes needed

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In the morning I'm going to look at a house that
My DH and I so far absolutely love. But we keep thinking
that theres going to be a problem or we won't qualify or
a million other things might go wrong.

The house is a great price, it's really close to where
we already live and we like the area.
It is a fixer upper but nothing so far that we
can see from...(peeking in the windows lol) that we
couldn't fix with a little money and some sweat and work.

I just keep thinking something is going to go wrong
and we won't get it. Or the Agent is going to tell us
that there's some major problem with the place.

So we really need good thoughts and vibes. I really like this
place so far. The other places I've looked at are so far away
from where we live now we'd have to change so much with moving
to them. Maybe someone should tell me I really should stop being so nervous about this lol. This will be our first house if we
get it so I keep thinking I'm never going to get my Own house.

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LOL I think I sent you pics of the place.

I really want to get it, but I'm sure tomorrow
when we meet with the agent he will tell us
that something Major is wrong with it, like
the plumbing needs replaced or the electrical
is so messed up it needs to be fixed.

You get what kind of thoughts are going through
my mind lol
I've been wanting my own house so long that
when it seems so close I keep expecting the
bomb to drop so to speak.
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be glad if he tells you if there is anything wrong with it
because alot of times they don't tell ya and by the time
you discover what's wrong it's to late to back out
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Every one I've talked to about buying a house said
they HAVE to tell me anything and everything about
the place that they know, and that the owner has
to disclose everything about the house they can.
Otherwise I guess they can get in trouble.
I do want to hear it if there is a major problem
but also want them to not have any of them to
mention at the same time lol

We're going to have an inspector look over the house
also. So we won't have any major surprises lol
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your right,they are supposed to tell you but they don't

My brother used to be a Realater and he said that many
many times they diden't tell ppl what was wrong
which i think stinks on ice
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When you buy it we'll have to throw you a house warming
party that would be fun
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Sending good vibes your way!!

I know the feeling, we just bought our house about 6 months ago. I was a basket case until the day we actually signed the papers and got the key. I kept thinking something was going to happen to mess it up.
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Good luck with the house! I hope it is everything you've dreamed of and more!
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Good luck! I hope you guys get a house soon!!
My Fiancee are having the same problem. With us it always seems like the money will never add up to be enough for a house *sigh*
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