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Strange Behaviour

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my youngest cat, Sketchy, does this really strange thing. from out of nowhere she'll wake up from where she's sleeping and start meowing. sometimes she comes from my room, sometimes she goes to my roommate, Dave's room. ok, but the weirdest part is that she picks up dirty socks and brings them to the living room, meowing the whole time.

only just tonight have i seen this whole behaviour from beginning to end. she woke up from the couch, meowing, and i know this sounds weird but a few times the tone of her voice sounded like how i say my roomate's name. she jumped off the couch still talking walked into his room and came back with 2 dirty socks in her mouth. she never stopped meowing once. then she dropped them in the usual area and walked off to my bedroom. she didn't come back with anything from my room(mine is usually clean)but she did come back meowing and it's just sooo strange.

anyone else ever seen this??

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Our Amber loves socks, but she likes to rip them to pieces My oldest cat Shadow, likes to pick up one of her toys in the middle of the night and do the same thing. Sometimes the toy is left on the floor next to the bed and there are times she will drop it on the bed. She never does this during the day or even at night while we are awake. She always does it when we are sound asleep.
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Believe it or not, that is not uncommon. Although none of my cats do this, my brothers cat does it all of the time! It cracks me up whenever he walks though the house with a sock in his mouth meowing his little heart out.
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Does your cat have any toys to play with??? Its so funny because last week my husband tied a plastic spider to a piece of fishing line and the cats go nuts over it. Although at first it took me awhile to get used to, because you see that's what my cat will bring into the bed when she's up and meowing at 3:00am!!!

Oh, one other thing I usually notice, if my husband and I go out for the whole day, or go on holidays for a week, we come home to his socks in the hallway and my slippers in the litterbox!!! Smart creatures aren't they!!!
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