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I'll be away

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Hi everybody!

I'm leaving for Michigan tomorrow (Thursday) and won't be back online till Monday night. My nephew is getting married on Saturday. I am so excited! It's going to be a blast. I'll miss not being able to check the site (yeah, okay so I'm addicted-you got a problem with that??) And I'm sure some of you are breathing a sigh of relief. But beware I'll sign on the minute I get into work.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding :flower:

See you when you get back!
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you are going to have a blast. leave your cares in CT & have a FABULOUS time

take lots of pictures!
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There are several Native American tribes in that area. Could you pick me up a used tepee if you find a good price on one? Don't worry, I already have the Braidini.

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Not all addictions are bad, right? When I was in Lubbock a few weeks ago, I just couldn't stand missing out on the fun here. I guess I'm addicted too.

Have a great time and be careful!
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Have a good time and a safe trip! Maybe you can find a computer there to get your fix
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I hope you have a great time at the wedding! See you when you get back
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Take care Donna! Have a very safe trip and hurry back.. we're gonna miss ya

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Have a great time Donna!

And remember...weddings are a great place to meet men!
(so I'm told)

Will miss you while you're gone,

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Yes, I hear weddings ARE a great place to meet men. Maybe Mr. Filthy Stinking Rich will be there. Knowing my luck, he'll bring Mrs. Filthy Stinking Rich. We'll see. Think I too old to catch the bouquet??

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Michigan?????? That is awfully close to Iowa!!! Where at in Michigan??? Too bad we couldn't meet somewhere half way, I would LOVE to meet you!!!!!!!!!
Have a great time, Donna, I will miss you!
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Oh, is there supposed to be a "rich" in there? I always just seem to meet Mr Filthy Stinking....
maybe I shoulda read the small print?:laughing2:

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I'll be in Wyandotte which is right outside of Detroit.

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Have fun and be careful. Looking forward to seeing the pictures at the show in September. And don't forget them.

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Everyone loves a wedding...right..?
Hehe, anyway have a nice time!
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