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We Love Each Other

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Ryelee giving Lovey an ear wash.

In bed together.........very first time.

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OMG!! Very cute pictures!

I love the 2nd one of their faces together - looks like they are very happy to be together! Look at us Mom, we love eachother.
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AAAWWWW!!! How sweet! I'm so glad you brought Lovey into your life, and it looks like Ryelee is too.
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They are best friends forever. I wish mine were like this. You have great looking cats. I also love the second piture.
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Congrats! They are so very cute!
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They are SOOO cute together!
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aaawwww they are so cute together .
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They are so cute! I wish Felicia and Beau cuddled like that.
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It looks like they are best buddies now!!
They are very cute together.

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These pictures are adorable. It is so wonderful to know that these two are getting along so well!
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They look so happy together.
Very Cute!!
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I'm so glad Ryelee and Lovey are getting along so well. The pictures are too sweet.
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Aw! They are just darling.
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I love the second photo too. Those two look so comfy together.
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Awww... I wish I had cats that got along

My cat Mynx BARELY tolerates having Mabel in the house.. he's one of those "only cat" type of cats... I always feel bad for Mabel because I know she'd love someone to play with.
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Awwwww, what precious pics!
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It made my heart melt to see them so lovey -dovey with each other. It is so sweet and I am glad to see that they get along already.
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Awwww...they're adorable!!
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I wish mine would cuddle too . Mittens is his mom but you would think she was a new female he was chasing . Everytime he sees her he pounces on her back and bites her. Only when he goes into the bedroom to nap does he leave her alone when they are in the same room. Once, I found them on the bed at the same time but as far away as they could get. If I had thought when I got her that he would act that way, I would have introduced them differently but it had only been 2 weeks since I had gotten Chewy.
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Thank you all for your nice comments to our pictures. I am really pleased that Ryelee and Lovey are getting along. My pup went to the vet this morning for her spay and the cat's have been playing together all day.
post #21 of 22 sweet!
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Very sweet photos!
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