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Interested in getting started as a breeder

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I am throwing around the idea of breeding persian cats. But I don't know how to get started, or if that is the best breed to breed. If you guys could throw me a bone here and let me know if there are any helpfull websites out there or if you could give me some info on it- that would be wonderfull as well.


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I'm not a breeder but I have a purebred Russian Blue and love going to cat shows.

My recommendation is to breed the kind of cat that you love the best, because you are going to live and breathe that particular breed for years to come.

Make sure the breed you are interested in doesn't have any genetic health problems which to me must be very sad for a breeder (some Manx kittens are deformed and don't make it, some Scottish Folds have bone deformity, etc).

Then go to as many cat shows as possible and talk to as many breeders as you can. You need to go to shows to learn about how to spot a good representation of a breed, and you need to start talking to other breeders. Of the people you meet hopefully one will be a mentor to you. It is a really difficult thing to get into and without someone helping you pick out breeding stock and showing you the ropes it's an uphill battle.

And whatever you do, DON'T even think about doing it for money. It takes a lot of work, dedication, vet bills, show entry fees, breeder stock to start breeding and it is not a money maker. It is a labor of love.

Just my opinion of course

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I'm not a breeder either, but from what I have read and seen you have to do ALOT of planning. You need areas for the mothers to give birth, you need to be ready if the mom rejects the babies and you have to had raise them, when the mom is ready to give birth you have to be able to check very often, then she she is acutual having the babies you need to be there, and you have to have an good vet to help in case of emergancies. From what I have seen it is is ALOT of work and it is for the love of the breed. Breeders do not make money breeding. They devote sooo much time, effort and hard work.
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I'm a breeder of persian cats.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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My wife and I breed Pixie Bobs and have a wonderful mentor, the breed founder, who helped us. We breed on a very small scale and just like Maui stated, we do not do it for the money, we do it for the love of the breed. All of our kittens leave here either spayed or neutered, unless they are going to another breeder. I also like to speak with the new owner to get a feel of the type of person they are. This helps in knowing that the kittens will go to a good home. It is a lot of work and there are always the vet bills. For us, it is always very hard to watch one of our babies leave our home, we get VERY attached.
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The reason most reputable breeders get started is out of love for one particular breed. You need to figure out which cat you like the best, and make sure that particular breed fits into your lifestyle. Meaning, long haired cats take much more grooming, and some cats are much more energetic etc. Also, there is plenty of information in books and available online, but none will be as good as finding a mentor, someone that's been doing this for years, and someone willing to start you out with a healthy and sound cat. I would definatley start by attending some cat shows, and talking to several breeders.
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Sandie, I just visited your site and your Munchkins are adorable!! You may want to post some of your kittens in the "kitten pictures" forum.
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