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I really like the last pic how cute . That made my day today .
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I just love these last pics...you can just see them both thinking their own little thoughts. Vinson trying to figure out "how do I get to join in and play ?", Amber thinking "who is this guy and how to I get to play with him and still let him know this is my house ?"

Good Luck !
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Awwww! Vinson looks scared in that last pic! Frightned by a gal! lol.

Very cute and I hope they becomes friends soon!
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LOL I love those pics!! Such beautiful babies you have. I like that screen .. that's a good idea.
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Great new pics! I also like the last one too, although I felt bad for poor Vinson that he got scared. He is such a handsome boy.
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Great progress has been made! They chase each other and sound like I've got a couple of elephants in the house. But Vinson cant get too close or she will hiss and growl at him. He has had a couple of turns around the house already. For some reason likes the big wide space under mommy's bed.

A peaceful moment

One of the first meetings face to face

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Alone time just me and him. He still needs to get used to me some more. I cant pet him without letting him know first. He is such a cutie!

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Woo hoo!! They sure have made a lot of progress in the last few days. I find that the last one in my house that stops growling and hissing is my alpha female. When I brought the fosters into the house on Monday, everyone was OK with them and for the first time tonight, Scarlett sniffed Billie's nose without hissing (just a few minutes ago).

So, what you are seeing is very normal, and actually probably pretty darn good.

Vinson looks like such a sweet guy and very mellow for a siamese. Amber looks like an intelligent inquisitive girl! You are very fortunate to have the both of them.
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I agree with Hissy.. What a beauty!
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He's stunning and he looks like he's an absolute angel. Hope the integration continues to go well!
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In the lsat 4 pictures you really can see how beautiful he is . I just love his markings in his face . Your girl is very beautiful too and a cutie . I like all your pics you made . I don't know what it is with unter the bed ? Mine like that for some reason too . My congrats how well everything went with both cats . I am sure in time Vinson will fully trust you , all it will take from you is time and patiance
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Oh great new pics!!!! Looks like everything is going fine. I am so happy for you!
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It is going so great! Lorie, he is 7 months old. I wasn't looking for a small kitten so he fit the profile perfectly. He is not the typical siamese either, correct on that one Amy! But I like that too.
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