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This is my Vinson. He is so adorable! He already let me pet him and he's been purring too!

first meeting:

these next few are from his first night. it took a while to get him to come out of his carrier.

and now today. He ate a little but I dont think he drank any, so I busted out some tuna and mixed in some water. I think he liked it before tuna...

after tuna...

I may put up the screen, I have to see if he is comfortable with it. If not, I'll close the door again. I'm going in to read with him for a while.
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What a beauty!
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Vinson is gorgeous!!!!
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He is a Handsome guy Congrats on your new baby
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He's so beautiful. I'm so happy for you.
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Congrats on the new addition to your family!
Vinson is gorgeous!
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What a beautiful baby he is
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Vinson is such a handsome little boy Has miss Amber met her lil brother yet?
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Vincent is a gorgeous baby! I'm so happy for you Raquel!!
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He's such a handsome boy!
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I let her into his room just to see what would happen last night, and they sniffed each other and she hissed, then he hissed! but no major claws or batting or anything.

Today I went in and instead of reading I thought it would be better to play with him. So I put in the screen in the doorway, and Amber watched and hissed, and then hissed again. she was watching the whole time though. Vinson didnt mind. I put vanilla on them both. a little rumble from amber's throat now and then, thats all. I suppose I should have taken some pics, but I was too busy playing and didnt even think of it. I will next time!
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He's so beautiful!! I'd love to see pictures of him playing. Is he still a kitten or is he an adult?
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He's a beautiful cat!
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Vinson is a very beautiful cat.
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Vinson looks almost just like my Suma, I would so what a cutey, but then I am biased
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He is such a handsome guy! May you have many long, happy years together.
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Ohhhh he's a very pretty boy! I'm very happy for you!
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Congratulations ! Vinson is just lovely.
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Awwww, he's gorgeous!!!
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Ohhh congrats girl!!!!!! He is soo so gorgeous. What a sweetheart.

It will take at least a few days to a week for the hissing to stop.. trust me But I bet they will just love each other and Amber now has a playmate how wonderful!!
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Oh he's so handsome!!!
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Vinson is awesome. I love that face.
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Awwww he is very handsome
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What a handsome little guy! I love his colorings.
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He's adorable! Good luck with him settling in.
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Thanks everyone! he is too adorable in person. he has full little cheeks, even though it doesnt really look like it, and he has a smile! I will try to get pics. been very busy sitting with him and playing.

I put the screen up for a while last night and there was hissing and growling, but I made hubby sit with amber and play with her awhile, and vinson was entranced. he would make a little noise then pop up and go toward the screen. then amber would growl a little and he would back away.

they played footsies under the door, although I am not sure how fun it was for them, because amber growls and if vinson pokes his foot under a little she will pounce!

today, I have heard no growling. she sits outside his door. I might put the screen up tonight and play with him and let amber watch instead.

am I doing this too fast?
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I think you're doing great! I was not fortunate to have a screen. I pretty much threw them together within a couple days Keep up with the vanilla too!

Also do you have a feliway plug in? I had one of those too.
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I keep forgetting the vanilla! I dont have a plugin. I probably should.

I had the screen up today and cracked the door. I gave amber his snugglie and she growled at it! but sniffed intently. she was watching him for a while from afar. I took that as a good sign. then she came over and started with the hisses and the growling. she even attacked the screen once. thats when i closed the door. ok, tomorrow I buy a plugin! and poor vinson chirps like he wants to play! and then amber comes over and starts, from the other side of the door.

Thanks, I hope I am doing this right!
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Vinson is a very handsome boy!

Sounds like everything is going normally, it will take Amber a while to adjust. Kayla did the same to Pixie for a while, but now she's even playing occasionally with her now!
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Bought a plugin today. Applied vanilla. At first, no growling. That came later! I also have to learn to just keep the flash on. This is the screen for his room:

Amber watching intently

Vinson just wants to be friends. Do you see a little 'smile'?

But amber is being stubborn. she jumps at him and he gets scared! I cant believe how chunky she looks.
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