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Anyone Order From Amazon??

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I'd like to contact them by phone. If anyone knows the numbrer pls lmk , TIA
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I order from them all the time but don't see a customer service phone #. Just email! Sorry...
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Order from them ALL the time. I'll talk to my husband Joe when he gets back -- he had to call them once, and eventually found their number...it is on the site, but you find it more by luck than judgement.

He should be back soon.
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I love Amazon... I order from them all the time. I can't find a phone number for you though... I even went through some of my invoices to see if it was printed somewhere on them, but I had no luck. Hopefully Tobycat's husband will be able to help.
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I just order The Complete Forth Season Sopranos from the on DVD. I don't see a telephone number- but I've never had a problem with Amazon in the past.
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No luck I'm afraid. There was an obscure web page buried on the site but Joe can't find the page nor any record we made of the number...how frustrating ! Sorry we couldn't help.
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I have contacted them by email before and they are pretty good in replying.
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All I can find is the email option too. I shop at Amazon all the time but haven't had any problems where I've had to call I guess.
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I found a 2001 article from PC Magazine, which said that the only time you see a number on the Amazon webpage is on the last screen you see when you have finalized an order.

I also found a small website called 'The Amazon.Com Customer Service Phone Number' page set up by a ticked off customer at:


That is dated 3/2003.It shows an 800 number for customer service as:
1-800-201-7575. I saw that number in a few different webpages, although one said that it no longer worked. The webpage shows an international number too. [I think that just means that it isn't toll free] It also lists the corporate main number and FAX number.

Under the 'conditions of use' there is a phone number for their legal department; 206-266-4064. Maybe you could call that number and get a main number for them if you are dogged enough.

It sounds like they really really don't want to take phone orders.
If you want their number for some other reason than placing an order, maybe calling the legal department isn't a bad idea as a start. [I wouldn't give any credit information out on the phone unless you are certain the number is correct.]

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Sorry, I don't have a number for them. I love Amazon, and have ordered from Amazon.com, Amazon.de and Amazon.uk. The service has always been great.
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