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New kitchen product

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Picked up a couple of boxes of the new Glade Press-N-Seal wrap. Big thumbs up from me. This product actually works as advertised on television and makes freezer storage so much easier. No more freezer burn. It is a bit tough to initially tear off the roll, but other than that- it's great.
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OMG! Anything that gets rid of Freezer Burn has got to be good right?

Sounds great!
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I have been meaning to start a thread about this for weeks. We picked it up the first time we saw it, albeit reluctant. I can now say Press N Seal is the coolest thing since sliced bread! We will never be without it as long as it is on the market.
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I've seen the commercials for it on TV. I've not gotten it, but it really looks like so cool stuff to have.
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I've seen it in action when I went to Target once they were demonstrating it, but I was wondering how it was when you got it home.
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Glad to hear. I was wondering if it was like Cling. It didn't work. I will try it if I can remember when I go to the store again.
Thanks for the info Hissy.
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Neat! I really thought that they must have been exaggerating (I know I can't spell... lol ) it in the commercials, but I will pick some up next time it's my turn to do groceries...
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Just be sure that you use your fingertips to seal it in a pinching motion. The first experiment with this stuff, I just ran my fingers lightly around the bowl, and picked the bowl up turned it upside down (over the sink thankfully) and lost all the pork and beans in the bowl- LOL
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