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Upset or ill?

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Yesterday I adopted a cat from a shelter..I've always had cats but never a shelter adoptee. Hence my question; I chose a 3 yrs old former stray, very shy but docile. While I was being introduced to all of them I noticed that when back in her cubicle she'd go to her litterbox often, didn't use it, just "when through the motions".
I forgot to tell the helper about it and signed papers, etc.
And so later I wondered, was that just a nervous reaction to people_like I said she's shy, was found in the street, they told me she likes to be petted and "do laps" but only if alone. She retreates from several teenagers romping around.
Or, could it be a heatlth problem? I know in males using the litterbox often could be a sign of impactation, etc. But she's female, spayed..what do you think? I appreciate any feedback on the subject..thank-you very much
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Did she come with a free health exam? If the shelter has an on-site vet, these cats usually come with a free health exam. If not, I would get her to your vet if she doesn't use the litterbox soon. It could be a couple of factors. She could have parasites blocking her, an obstruction from stress, they could have been changing foods on her every few days which will cause problems. She may not settle in and use the litterbox right away at your home, because she will be getting used to the new environment, but I would definitely get her vet checked. I thank you for adopting an older cat, so many people only want kittens. Good luck with her! Oh and don't get upset with her if she goes outside the box, that is normal for rescued cats in the first 24 hours- give her a few different litter boxes in various places and just let her settle in.
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Thank-you very much Hissy..she was re-checked and she's fine. Has been home with us since last Saturday and we really enjoy her.
Like you said, I gave her 2 litterboxes though both are downstairs.
After faithfully using one, this morning she urinated (not sprayed)on our bed..I suppose I'm to blame in believing she was settled already? I'll get one of her litterboxes upstairs..
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Did they check her for UTI? If she went on your bed she could have a problem Maybe she's just not used to where to go though.. not sure.
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