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Daily thread for Sunday!

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It´s a nice and warm day, well not warm maybe, but very mild.
My son is taking his nap outside in the pram.
I have to go to the shops and get the last bit for the birthday present for my s/o tomorrow, and then bake him a cake to wake him up with tomorrow morning. Oh, and I have to buy a lot of candles

I am gonna take the thing of Pollýanna´s head to day, she is gonna be soooo glad, I´m sure she will spend the rest of the day cleaning herself, after 2 weeks of cleaning the inside of this plastic thing...

Have a great day everyone!
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I'm doing housework and laundry and errands today. I have to go grocery shopping now - we've needed people food for a few days, but I ran out of cat food last night, so can't put it off anymore. I don't think Simba would like eating fast food, which is what we've been living on for a couple of days!!!

My dog Warren is nursing an injury - we're not yet sure what happened, but I think he either pulled a muscle in his shoulder or kinked his neck. He is almost 9 years old (and a big dog, so that is pretty old), but he & his sister still tear around like they're puppies, so they have had a few pulls and sprains over the years. He is only in the house or the fenced yard, so I know he didn't get hit by a car or anything like that - we THINK the dogs may have collided tearing through the doggy door.

He is better today than he was last night, so I don't think I am going to take him to the emergency vet. If he is still bothered tomorrow morning I think I will take him in to the regular vet. I tend to over-react when any of the pets have problems - the last time Cookie hurt her paw I ended up spending $250 on tests, xrays, etc, just to hear, "Just a sprain, it will heal." The vet did giver her some pain pills, though.

So I am worried, but trying not to over-react. I will be keeping a close eye on him today.
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Good Morning Everyone!

I am trying to fiqure out what to do with two huge plants that I got from my Dad's funeral. I just did a search on here and found out that both of them are dangerous to my purrbabies So now I need to protect this Peace Lily and Rubber Tree from the cold and have no place in the house that will work because of my babies. Any suggestions anyone? I really want to keep these two plants alive but not harm my babies.

I have a lazy day plan with just the usual, cleaning and laundry. I think a big pot of homemade chili would be good today..hmmmm must go and throw it togther in the crock pot and let it cook all day. Anywho I hope all have a wonderful lazy Sunday
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Just got back from eating breakfast.

Had my friends over last night (the ones who are having relationship woes) and they seem to be doing better. Watched Charlies Angels and after they went home, we talked to my parents thru Yahoo.

I hope you have a good day!
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Susan, I hope Warren will get better soon!
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Suzy I think to go to the vet is a good thing to do , you never know what it may be . Sorry that your baby is not feeling well and hope it is something minor .

Blondiecat , maybe there is a room where no cats are in ? Or you give it to a friend of yours , at least it is save there .

I woke up this morning to some hissing and growling . I guess Lily who is still not wanting to come out from my bedroom don't like the 2 new Persians . I will spent some time in my beroom today playing with Lily and keep talking to Olie and Cookie to get them used to me . Olie is already all over the place , but cookie is still shy and hidding out . He was out though and I was able to walk by him with out freaking him out .I will also have to go into a store today , but don't have to buy anything big . The rest of the day I will try to keep it easy I hope you all have a great day today .
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It's mid-way through Sunday but thought I'd post anyway...Joe just went out cycling, I'm about to go an do an hour of yoga - first time in a week (bad week !).

It was VERY cold this morning, so there were lots of birds outside at the feeder. Seems the Junco's are back in town - yeah ! Lucky poked his head outside when I went to refresh the birds water bowl, and qickly turned back inside..he hates the cold

He was staring into the fireplace when I came back in...if it's cold he likes the fire lit, and he stares into the fire "willing" it to light ! He'll get his way soon enough as it looks like we will spend the rest of the afternoon/evening in front of the fire just relaxing.

Have a great Sunday.
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Good Monday Morning!

I'm really hungry. So I'm going to hunt out some leftovers in the fridge.

Then do some homework.

Have a lovely day!

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Well, we weren't planning this, but we just bought a bunch of new furniture!

We have needed new furniture for a long time - most of our stuff is hand-me-down or secondhand. But I didn't want to buy new until we had bought a house, so we could make sure anything new fit in. So we bought our house about 6 months ago, but I still wanted to wait to get a 'feel' for what I wanted here.

Well, my mom, stepdad, 2 sisters, and grandma are coming for Thanksgiving dinner, and I didn't have a big enough table. We talked about some options (card tables, etc.) and ended up at the furniture store. We found a great table (that came with 6 chairs!!!) and matching hutch that would fit in to our fairly small dining room and was a great price! It also came with a free set of dishes - service for 4 - and I bought a second set for only $30. So now I will have a new table and new dishes for Thanksgiving!!

We then decided, since we were diving into furniture purchasing anyway, to get a couple of chairs to match the sofa my mom gave us for our housewarming gift. So we went back and found a settee and chair. So we now will have new furniture in our living room and dining room!! I'm pretty excited, because it's really the first time I've been able to do this!

Warren seems to be a little better. I took him for a walk to see how he is moving, and he is walking fine. He just yowls when he moves his neck sometimes, but he's not yowling as loud or as often as he was. I think he has a crick in his neck - he threw out his back one time and couldn't use his back legs for a few days. My regular vet is open again tomorrow, so I will most likely bring him in to get him checked out.
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the Vikings are losing! not a good day for me lol
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Chiefs won! The adoption clinic was dead today cause the Chief's were playing. No nibbles on Spanky and Oscar today.

The pear butter has been baking since 3PM yesterday and it looks like it will need to continue to bake overnight. We made a double batch and it is taking forever to firm up. But my house smells heavenly right now! Wish I could send home-cooked smells over the internet to all of you!!

Congrats on the new furniture Susan - it sounds lovely!
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PEAR BUTTER? Drooooooling...

Let's see...made pancakes, son ate his first set of pancakes (i think)...slept mostly since it is rainy, he and I slept ALOT....

Did some groceries...will never go grocery shopping with hubby, I don't like being questioned about what I get grrrr especially when I'm hungry and having a hard time getting around in a crowded store But he won't get me a car which I keep hinting then he says 'well people get by with buses' FINE! we'll take the bus if it takes having to get to where I need to go

Craving spaghetti big time so will make some spaghetti tonight if hubby remembers to pick up the meat (we order ours fresh) Look liked everyone else was craving chili because all the kidney beans were gone LOL at the store...had mine yesterday yummy yummy...

then plan on making, hey maybe I'll go ahead and make the eggplant parmesean....droooooling...hope it turns out good...otherwise I will be so totally pissed off, first time making it..wish me luck

Have fun everyone and hope that ya's mondays turn out to be a good one
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This is my first time on here today. Can't believe the day is coming to an end.

Yesterday I went to the Christmas Gift and Craft show. It was nice but way too many people there. YOu could barely walk around.

Today I just took it easy pretty much. Spent a lot of time chasing Hallie around to get her eye drops in. What a pain! And now she hates me. I hope she gets over it eventually because it really makes me sad.
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What a day! Went to do my Sunday morning work at my friends (she pays me $40 a week to clean her apartment, since we need extra cash), came home and crawled right back into bed with hubby, got up and went to see Elf. It was so hilarious!! I couldn't stop laughing. After that, we went to the mall because I wanted Zack to pick out what colgne's he liked best, and it looks like I am going to be getting him Armani Mania for Christmas. YUMMY! After that, we went to Walmart where we do our grocery shopping. We are having Ravioli (sp?) for dinner tonight!

Cathi, I still have 2 plants from my grandmother's funeral and I think they are about dead....I don't want to throw away the baskets though, so I might keep it to plant some beautiful flowers in the Spring time!!

Kim, sorry hubby is giving you a hard time. YOU ARE PREGNANT~you should eat anything you want!! hehe...tell him you want a VW Bug like mine

Have a good evening everyone!!
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I finally finished what should have been a Birthday Cake Deluxe, but I am not perfectly happy with it. After having done the Cake Masterpiece on my sons birthday, I thought I could do anything, but...well the first time was probably beginners luck, and Rome wasn´t built in a day - oh, and practice makes perfect...
I made a delicious brownie with white choc bits, and cut it in a heart shape, then I made butter frosting and with a darker red (well pink) I wrote Happy Birthday Dear Valdi (in Icelandic thought ) and drew a heart, but when I had put the surrounding frosting it was to close in colour, so the letter dots were looking like all the other dots on the cake So I spent ages with a toothpick and undiluted foodcolour sharpening the edges of every letter, so now it actually it looks good, but it took me about 3 hours to decorate the cake. When I made the Cake Masterpiece before, it also took me about 3 hours, but that was a real Masterpiece.
I better go to bed, I have to wake up in 3 hours to wake my s/o up whith this cake, in flames of course.
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I've had a ratehr uneventful Sunday. I went into work at 6:30 am(UGH!) because we had a meeting and I had to get together with the manager(yep I stepped down to let someone else deal with the idiots I work above I was tired of the stress and no appreciation so I threw the towel in. Now she has the privilage of dealing with all the morons I had to deal with, poor girl! LMBO!)Anway! I got there, we got the shop ready and at 7am the whole staff was there. The meeting went very well IMO and to top off a really good day, i got to go home 2 hours early! I've never had that luxury before! I love it!
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Funny day for me really.

It's weird not having the 11th,12th and 13th year students at school.

I got home and *gasp* ate alot!

Just going off to have an hour snooze...

Because it's cold and I need some rest before the exciting programme that waits me tonight!

Hope everyones day is going smoothly!
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