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Has anyone had their cat get diarreha from

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taking antibotics,specifically Amoxi-Drops? Cammie had her stool checked on Tues and it came back perfectly clear. Tonight we came back from being gone all day and she had a smelly diarreaha pile in her litterbox. She is a new cat, she had just been spayed on Mon. She ripped several stitches out on Wed. Took her BACK to the vet on Fri. She started her Amoxi-drops Fri night, and now she has diarreaha. Is is stress and/or the meds? I am paranoid it is Giardia because a previouse adoptee had it and my cat also picked it up from the out of doors. Cammie's diarreha didn't look mucousy or bloody though. Sorry the topic is so gross, but it is what it is.
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Because amoxy drops kill bacteria, it will disturb the bacteria load in your pet and can cause diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite. You can call you vet if the diarrhea continues- because the cat will dehydrate fairly quickly, so you need to push fluids. Pedialyte is good to give them, and even feeding a little bit of canned pumpkin will help the cat.
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I have never had a cat react to Amoxi-drops w/diarrhea and believe me with the number of times I have used it on other cats, I could take stock in the company!!

Also her incision doesn't look great. It looks a tiny bit infected. I suppose the course of Amoxi drops will help clear the infection. If not, it's back to the vet! Poor cat.
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I have used the stuff for years on all my cats and only had one cat that had this type of reaction to it. Thinking something else was wrong I called my vet and he told me that this is a side effect of the drug, most often seen in dogs not cats. Told me to watch her closely for signs or dehydration or anemia and if it got worse to bring her in. Thankfully, it passed (no pun intended) in one day. But had it continued, I would have taken her in and gotten another medication to use because of the dehydration factor.
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Oh yesssss Zoey had diarrhea on this med.
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My Missy has gotten diarrhea from Amoxi-drops...
Hope your little kitty is feeling a LOT better soon!!
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I don't know if anyone said it, but a little trick we use at the shelter if a cat has an upset tummy from something like medication, or just stress enduced by the major change in their life. Chicken baby food three times a day instead of their food. Obviously this is a short term only thing while they have the diareah problem. Also you can mix the pedialyte in with the chicken baby food. It's the Gerber #2 chicken & chicken gravy that we use. It seems to help calm their colons down. I only suggest this if you've talked to your vet & he or she agrees it's from the medication. Another thing that can cause diarreah is change in diet. (My mom is a nurse so there are very few bodily function discussions that gross me out)
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I can't tell you how right on this thread was for me. My Lucky has been thru the ringer. He started w/a UTI, so I had him on Amoxicillin drops. Also a urine acidifier. Then he got diarrhea, so I called the vet and he sent him Metronidazole for the diarrhea. He hates me for all the meds I'm giving him. I stopped the Metronidazole coz the diarrhea lessened. Well it's back. I started the Metronidazole again. He hates the pumpkin, he hates the yogurt, he hates the rice, I haven't tried the baby food yet.
He does drink and is eating so I'm not that worried about dehydration.
I figured the diarrhea was from the Amox. but being a people pharmacist I wasn't sure. I know he's old-15-but I don't want him to be uncomfortable.
By the way--as an FYI for everyone-the company has changed the ingredients in Kaopectate. It now has ASPIRIN type ingredient just like Pepto-Bismol, which is bad for cats and dogs. So it can't be used for animals anymore.
Anyway, Thanks for all the good advice here. Anytime I need it I can find it on this site.
Mary Fran
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Cammie is doing very well. She only had the diarrhea the one time and she is eating well. She and Lily have seen each other through the wide open bathroom door and neither one has reacted much. I am still keeping them seperate until Cammie gets her stitches out. I firmly believe with patience, she and Lily will accept each other.

I feel so blessed to have Cammie. She is not only a very beautiful Aby-mix on the outside, but on the inside as well. Her temperment with humans is very similar to my oldest Aby-mix, Blondie. Cammie will submit to medications and so on with a little bit of a struggle and that's it. She hasn't hissed ONCE since I brought her home. She loves to get very close and will purr and knead on me. I cannot believe no one wanted her! So now I have two Aby-mixes that are very sweet and docile with people. Lily, who might be an Aby/Ocicat mix is sweet when she wants, but will turn into a "demon" when she feels trapped. She also is UN-teachable!! She will committ the same offense over and over, no matter how many times she is corrected. Cammie and Blondie are fast and compliant learners thank-god! (But I love all three )
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My Jordan is very difficult to teach also & it's not that he's not smart actually it's the opposite, I truly believe the more difficult they are to teach the more intelegent and strong willed they are. I will tell you one thing about a strong willed cat when they get sick they fight like you wouldn't believe. My Smokey was alwyas strong willed & she put up such a fight against the CRF the last two years of her life I couldn't have asked for anything more.
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