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Worm question..?

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Hi.. my cat, I had given him some of that dewormer from the store a while back because I completely forgot to tell my vet to hook him up the last time I went.. Is that stuff different then what happens at the vet?

Anyhow, I guess he has worms again. Today I found this eww worm on the base of his tail, at first I thought it was some fuzz or something but when I grabbed it it was all sticky, and it kept like, shortening itself into a ball then lengthening itself into this long worm looking thing. It was only about 1/4 inch or something at longest and it was this milky whitish color. Is this a round worm?

Ok and can humans get worms from cats? I'm kind of freaked out because he lays all over my bed and I found one of these before and I didn't know what it was (because it wasn't attached to him). So say in the event humans can get worms from cats, how does a human go about deworming themselves. Is there a preventative type pill or would I have to get tested and get a prescription and stuff? I'm tripping. Plus I was reading past posts and it mentioned about fleas carrying tapeworm and rox was having some flea problems before, hence I was having some flea problems, and I got quite a few bites over a period of time.. I mean I wanna lose weight but not from worms lol!

And say like.. do I call the doctor and be like ya I got worms? LOL. I saw this horrible picture on some faces of death wannabe website of this dead chick with tons of worms sticking out of her butt and that keeps entering my head as i think about that yucky worm I had in my hands earlier. I don't wanna die!!
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OK so now I read on and on in the endless worm posts and find that OTC worming stuff SUCKS and I shouldn't have went that way.. sorry in advance, won't use it again..
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Hi anna,

You are not going to die. Your cat has tapeworms and the stuff you buy in the stores does not work. You need to go to your vet and get a worming pill from your vet. You might have to follow it up with a second worming, if you cat has other worms in his system, so a fecal is always good to have done just to be sure there are no other worms in his system.

Outside the host, the worms do not live but a few minutes. Use rubber gloves to clean out the litterboxes and scrub them well with bleach and water. Keep Advantage or another flea treatment on your cat to stop flea infestation. You should be fine.
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Thank you so much for answering that so quickly Hissy, I was completely freaking out, tore my bedroom apart and threw everything washable in the washer, started vaccumming like a madwoman, and there was no way I could sleep until someone reassured me. Sorry if the original post was kind of.. uncouth, but I am a bit of an anxiety problem and this just kind of creeped me out a little, I'm much calmer now because you are the cat goddess and I accept your word as truth. Thanks, I'll call the vet asap.
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I understand, I remember how freaked I was when a new feral heaved up a pile of round worms one time-----EWWWWW! Poor Kitty!
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