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Cat Aggression towards me

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Hello.I am new to the boards.I had a question,but now it just turned into more of a concern.I have a Tabby cat that I have had since he was only a few weeks old.Too young really,but the owners were getting rid of all the kittens so I took Him since I have had numerous cats since I was 5.I am now 29.

The cat is now about 1 1/2 years old and He was nudered back in the Spring.At that time and never before,He almost ate my Mom up when She went to pick Him up.Thought it was because of the surgery.She has told me since then a few times He has growled,hissed and spit at Her.Once again I thought it was because She took Him and He related that to Her.

Tonight He came in as normal and went under the couch.He has been staying under the bed and couch a LOT for the past month.I went to the bathroom and came back and He was in the computer chair.One of His favorites.I tried to pick Him up,He growled at me.After numerous attempts,He finally jumped at me a little and hissed.Never clawed me.

I dumped Him out of the chair and yelled at Him and He ran down the hall hissing at me,but never turning back.I opened the door and let Him run back into the garage.He went into a sit/kneal sleeping position and would not look at me.I tried to calmly talk to Him because I felt so bad,but He would growl low and He then coughed and made a puking sound but never threw up.

I have heard him cough over and over like a child with something in his throat for as long as I can remember.Thought It was just hair.He finally went to the door and looked back up like He does when He wants inside.His tail was twitching from side to side and I knew He was aggrivated.Ears still laid back some and He would still make the low growl...more of a mrrooowwww sound...but deep.But I let Him back in.

He was acting odd...walking slow with his head kinda turned away from me.He got in one of his chairs and did not want to be touched.I came back in here and he finally sat outside the closed door like normal when He wants in.I let him in and he still acted strange.Got on the couch and I went over and sat down next to him.He climbed onto my lap and got his head as close to my arm as he could like he does when he wants to be close to me.

I heard him wheezing a little and then he coughed bad and jumped.I am concerned now.He is back under the couch coughing/sneezing and making odd sounds.I am worried something is wrong with him and that is why he has been acting this way.Someone please offer some advice.Thank you.
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Please get your cat to the vet as soon as you can. If he is eating and drinking normally, and using the litter pan on a normal basis then I would take him and put him in a dark room to sleep for now, and check up on him every now and again. If he is not eating, or drinking or using the pan, I would take him to an ER clinic tonight. I would not pet him or otherwise engage with him unless he chooses to do so. I would also ask you to not yell at him, when a cat is stressed they can make themselves sick. He has something wrong with him and he can't help how he is acting. If he starts drooling, gets a temperature or anything else goes wrong, please take him in quickly. He could have been in a fight, ate something bad for him, he really does need a vet.
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I watched my cat all last night and He was getting worse.We do not have any pet ER or all night Vet here.This morning at 7am He was throwing up and had his tongue hanging out at all times.I called the Vet and they just happened to be in the office to feed the animals this morning.I rushed Him over and He had a temp of 104* and was dehydrated pretty bad.

The Dr gave Him a shot and then another shot of thick antibiotics and the cat became very angry on the second,painful shot.But I know even as a human,anti. shots are thick and they hurt.He put an IV in Him and is keeping Him there 24 hours to keep an eye on him.Vet said He recognized the symptoms and it was some sort of cat virus.

His muscles were sore and when the vet. poked around on him,that was very obvious.And that is why He was so angry upon trying to move him from the chair last night.Thank you for the reply and I wanted to let you know what was wrong.
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I am sorry it didn't turn out to be a minor problem. He could have gotten into something poison, or gotten into a fight, got bit it's so hard to say without being there first-hand. If only they could talk to us in words we understand. I am glad you got him to the vet to get treatment. I hope he will recover and they will be able to find out what happened. A lot of times though, the diagnosis will simply be "fever of unknown origin."
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