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Vacation Tips

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I will be leaving for vacation for 8 days (leaving early July 4th and returning July 12th). And I was just looking for some advice from you guys on how to make the week less stressful for Zoey and Luna. The longest I've ever left them for was 2 nights.


While I'm gone, my mom will be coming over every other day to refill their automatic feeders, clean the litter box etc, but are there any other things that I could do to make the week better for them?


Thanks in advance?

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When I go away on vacation, be it for two nights or 12 nights, I leave smelly clothing with my scent on them, where Ritz normally sleeps/snoozes. I have Feliway too. Also, my cat sitter (who is my niece and has three cats of her own) comes in twice a day to feed and play with Ritz (I fed prey model raw).
Also, I tell Ritz several times that I will be away and assure her I will be back and Niece will be taking care of her. I really do think she understands.
And while I'm away, I try not to stress. (I brought a pillow case with me that had her picture on it.)
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Does your mom live fairly close to you? Would she be willing to come every day (to keep those litter boxes smelling good, but also for a little more time with the cats). Especially depending on how many litter boxes you have for the two cats.


When we go away, we have a petsitter who comes in twice a day to feed the kids and scoop out boxes. My sister comes in for about an hour or so at night; she'll watch a bit of tv and let the cats pile on her on the couch for a while. I keep a worn pair of sweatpants at the foot of the bed so that Molli can sleep on them. She does, too.....I can always tell. I always keep their toys out in the living room, so they can play if they want to. 

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