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Saturday night

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I'm sitting here watching some 101 dalmations movie on ABC, playing with my cat, and trying to find stuff to buy on the net. Yay, my life is so exciting lol Aren't Saturday nights supposed to be fun or something?
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You mean that isn't fun????

I'm sitting here working on a website, while Earl is watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on DVD on his computer. And contemplating if we need to go to Wal Mart yet tonight. We're just a couple of party animals anymore!
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LOL I am glad I'm not the only one with this much excitement in my nightlife!

I actually will be going to bed early tonight, getting up at 7 to drive to Long Island to pick up a pair of Abyssinians I'll be ahem..fostering..er..adopting
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We don't do anything on the weekends cause we can't find
a babysiter BUT next weekend were going out with
StarDust and her family!! i can't wait!!!
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Just finished watching Charlies Angels:Full Throttle. I liked it. Lucy Liu rocks!

Some good news, my friend and her boyfriend are talking and hes agreed to see a counselor when he feels ready. Yay!
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We went to my niece's basketball game, now I'm going to go snuggle on the sofa with Warren. (He's my dog, not my husband.) He has injured himself somehow, but we can't figure out exactly where - I think he has maybe pulled a muscle in his shoulder. So I'm going to try to get him relaxed and see if I can figure it out. The dogs get pretty wild at times, and they are almost 9 years old (pretty old for big dogs), so they've had pulled muscles and sprains before.
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