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Cold Weather

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I live in nyc and the weather is starting to get cold, i was wondering how cold can cats take. My mom definitely wont let me keep it in the house. I left a box with towels in it and a little hole for it to come out but it doesnt stay in there. Im a afraid that the cat can get sick. I dont think the cat is cold tho with all its hair but i just wanna make sure
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I've had many cats live outside. I think it's hard for cats that were raised indoors, but all of my cats were used to it so it wasn't bad. Just make sure you pay attention to see if he's starting to get a cold or something, and also make sure he has plenty of food and non-frozen water. I think he'll go in the box when he gets cold, cats are pretty smart If it were to get really cold though, say in the teens or single digits, I think it would be good to see if maybe you can put him in the garage (in you have one) or in just one room just for overnight.

And I'm just gonna suggest this once and then shut up, but if your cat is not spayed/neutered, please do so because having an outdoor cat running around able to reproduce will almost guarantee to cause many deaths and pain and suffering (and cost!) of future generations that can be stopped by a simple procedure now.
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