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Toddler revived after believed dead

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FULLERTON, Calif. (AP) — A toddler who was revived nearly two hours after she was believed to have drowned and 40 minutes after doctors had declared her dead was responding to touch and sound Saturday, hospital officials said.

Twenty-month-old Mackayala Jespersen was in critical condition but responsive a day after she was found in her family's swimming pool, said Children's Hospital of Orange County spokeswoman Denise Almazan.

The little girl's family thanked the public for their "prayers and support," Almazan said.

Mackayala's mother found her floating face down in the backyard pool Friday morning, police Sgt. Sean Fares said. Police and paramedics tried to revive her and rushed her to Anaheim Memorial Medical Center, where doctors pronounced her dead.

Forty minutes later, police Detective Mike Kendrick was conducting a routine investigation into the death when he noticed Mackayala's chest was moving. He summoned doctors, who were able to revive her.

"It was a very emotional moment for everyone," said Fullerton Police spokesman Sgt. Ron Gillett. "We thought she didn't make it and then she did. It was the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs."

Mackayala was later transferred to Children's Hospital. Anaheim Memorial Medical Center spokeswoman Gina Esparza declined to comment Saturday.

Mark Langdorf, chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, Irvine, said it is not uncommon for toddlers to survive drownings after showing little or no signs of life, especially if the water is cold.

What was unusual in Mackayala's case, he said, was the time involved.

"If you had said she came back to life after 10 minutes I would be surprised, but 40 minutes is just exceptional," he said.


I saw a news report about this earlier today. According to the report, a police officier was taking pictures of the little girl's body as evidence when he saw her chest move slightly...

Years ago I was working at a hospital and there was a man there who had sustained severe brain damage as a result of being revieved after too much time had gone by. He had to be kept restrained in bed for safety reasons, and was only allowed to have plastic eating utensils, also for safety reasons. He kept screaming and yelling (really loud) at all the doctors and nurses he saw, and kept asking why didn't they just leave him alone and let him die. I hope this little girl doesn't suffer a similiar fate.
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That is an amzing story. God was holding her little hands to give her a second chance.
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i guess it's true what my emt trainer said.. you're not dead til you're warm and dead.. (referring to cold water drowing).. Hopefully she didn't sustain too much damage..
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This is truly a Miracle!!!
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I saw that - I think it is really amazing! I agree with you Lorie, I hope she didnt sustain brain damage after being down so long!
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This is just amazing. I cant believe it. I saw it last nite on the news. Her parents must just be astounded and relieved. I hope she'll be ok with minimal brain damage
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Being deprived of oxygen for as long as she was, I too hope she doesn't have lasting damages that would be devastating to all who love her.
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'Miracle' toddler has brain damage

The 22-month-old toddler hailed as a "miracle child" when she was revived nearly an hour after being declared dead has suffered a severe brain injury, her doctors said Wednesday.

After her fall into a swimming pool last month, doctors were unsure whether Mackayala Jespersen could beat the odds again and survive without lasting trauma.

On Wednesday, Dr. Troy McGuire announced that she did not beat the odds.

"She has without question suffered brain injury," said McGuire, who is treating the girl. "The fact that Mackayala is still alive defies medical logic."

Doctors cautioned against expecting a recovery from the brain damage. Mackayala remains in stable condition.

The toddler was discovered floating facedown in a backyard swimming pool November 7. The hospital where she was taken had declared her dead. Then nearly 40 minutes later, the child showed signs of life.

The California Health Department is investigating how Mackayala could have been declared dead by doctors at Anaheim Memorial Hospital who initially examined her.

Mackayala's current physicians said Mackayala's most severe injuries probably occurred in the immediate aftermath of her plunge into the swimming pool.

An attorney for the Jespersen family said they would wait for the results of the state investigation before deciding whether they will file a lawsuit.
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Oh no! I hope it turns out to be less serious than they think.
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