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my 4 cats

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Hello everyone,i just joined the forum.I do have a problem.My husband and I bought out house last year.We have a dog,but coudnt resist getting this cat that was for adoption.Mr.Cat,he came into our house last march.Well,when the summer came i wanted another cat.So i adopted a kitten,Stanley.Stanley is a little wise ass.We love him to death but he is a hand full.Amonth ago my mother told me she couldnt take care of her cat,its a cat i had when i was home..her name is Luv.I brought Luv into our home,and she stayed in our room ,very scared she wouldnt come out and still will not.In the mean time,my friend moves in w/ us and brings her cat,Moe.Moe is a bad cat and picks fights with all my other cats.She is the only one w/ nails.All the other cat are declawed.Luv will not come out of my room,i even tried to lock up the other cats and leave my bedroom door open.she still stays in my room.If ANYONE CAN HELP ME...PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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Well the first thing I would do is have your friend keep the cat in their room. If the cat is not going to stay forever, then there's no sense in making all miserable with the new addition. Besides which it is not fair to the cats who's claws have been taken out at the first knuckle. They have no means of defense.
Second a month is not very long in cat time. Luv has been traumatized and needs to take her time in adjusting. Being ripped out of her comfortable spot is not easy. I would give her time and lots of attention. Let her decide if she ever wants to come out of your room. It could take several months before she decides it is time. It is hard just moving, but then having to meet other cats is even harder. They need to encounter each other on a gradual level. I would try to gain her trust first by sitting with her and talking quietly. You can also give her some baby food here and there as a treat and a peace offering.
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The best thing that ever happened to my very,very,very scaredy cat was to lock him in his room all day for about a month! I felt really bad about having to do this, but when I was able to let him back out, he was much braver than before. I think that having his very own safe haven allowed him to feel safer about life in general which made him more comfortable around my husband and I and our other 4 cats. I don't know if this will work for you, but you might give it a try.

My thoughts are with your little Luv.
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Thank you guys very much for your words of advice.I hope Luve will be able to come out of my room soon and enjoy the rest of the house.My other cats Mr.Cat & Stanley are very accepting of her.They are nice mellow cats.Moe is the nightmare.She even goes after my dog.So i give Moe free rain of the house during the day.And Luv has it at night.Luv was half way down the hallway last night,so maybe she is almost ready to come out all together!!! Hopefully!! Thanks Again Guys!!!
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I have a cat that is scared to come out of our room - she defends the bed and under the hope chest. I am going to try either Bach's Rescue Remedy or some herbs from my vet, but just to let you know what I do with her - I take her to the "rest room" twice a day. There is always water in our room. In the bathroom I feed her and let her use the litter box. Personally I think she is "sneaking" out to eat and use the litter box other times, but not sure. I would like to re-introduce her, but I just don't have the room or the patience to put up with all of the crying (man cats can be loud)...

Good luck!

I know a lot more planning is going in to building our next house! (sound proof bedroom - litter box room - more rooms I can close the door and keep cats separate - )

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