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What Brand Traps Do You Recommend?

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My husband and I agreed to buy our own humane trap rather than having to borrow one everytime a new stray or feral shows up. I've been looking online to see what is available, but would like some recommendations from folks before we make the investment.

The one I borrow from the vet appears to be a Tru-Catch (no name on cage but it looks similar to the one online) and we weren't impressed. Tomahawk and Havahart look closer to what we are looking for. I've looked at all the live trap sites from the Meowhoo site.

Any recommendations out there????

Thanks in advance!
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Havahart is my favorite- that or a homemade drop trap works too.
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Hi. I bought a havahart. I like it but I once borrowed one from someone that had a sliding "back door" to release animals quickly. I released an accidently trapped racoon from that trap but would have been kind of afraid to let them out of my havahart. It has a back door but it's difficult to open & you have to have your hands on the cage. Maybe I have a cheaper model. Anyway I just wanted to say given a choice, I would have one with the easy opening back door. On that one you pull up the back door with a bar & don't even touch the trap. Unfortunately I didn't ask the brand name at the time.

hope that helps.

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Our vet has a havahart and we've never used anything else. We've released skunks and raccoons trapped without a problem, though a quick release backdoor that Jamie mentions would be a nice feature.
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I've never seen a trap with a back door. That really would be great to have!

I also use the havaheart.
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Here's one with a second door. I just looked at Havahart product list and it doesn't appear that they have a double door one.

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My new Tomahawk trap arrived in the mail today. I bought one with the quick release door at the back of the trap. No more lost opportunities when new ferals arrive and I have to waste time borrowing a trap!
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I'm really thinking about buying a trap or 2 and then loaning them out to people who do trapping. I haven't seen any ferals in my area.

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