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I just finished reading, The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd. I was number 11 on the wait list at the public library and had to wait almost a month to check it out (they had at least 7 or 8 copies floating back and forth, among all of our county libraries). So, I know that is a popular book.

A book club I'm in at work read it, but I couldn't get a copy until after they discussed it. They picked, The DiVinci Code, next, which I happened to read while they were all reading the other book. Anyone considering reading it, should. The story moves along fast. There are a lot of interesting ideas suggested and much for discussion.

At the moment I'm reading a short little regency romance. They're nice and quick between some of the longer reads. I have several library books to finish reading soon, too.

Since joining this site, I've also been reading ingredients on the back of cat and dog food.
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I just finished reading Stephen King's newest Dark Tower series, "The Dark Tower V, Wolves of The Calla" and can't wait for the last two. Supposedly, they will be out next year.
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I finished Anne Rice's new one, Blood Canticle, this week. She ties together the Vsmpire Chronicles and the Mayfair Witches. In this week's People magazine, she says that this will be the last of the Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair witches.

Currently, I'm reading Leon Uris' latest, O'Hara's Choice. It's a fictionalized account of the Marine Corps, from the Mexican War, through WWI. So far, I'm at the brink of the Spanish-American War.
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Currently i'm reading "The Poisonwood Bible" then i will read "Mother Of Pearl" byMelinda Haynes followed by "Hard Eight" by Janet Evanowich
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I'm about to start the new Anne Lamott book
(I can't remember the name)
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I just finished the first book in Stephen King's Dark Tower Series, and I rushed right out to get The Drawing of The Three! I'm hooked!!
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I am reading 'The Dogs of Babel' which is quite interesting and a little different. Its about a man whose wife died by falling from the apple tree and the only witness is the dog and so he tries to teach the dog to talk to find out what happened that day.
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A little while ago, I finished reading a light mystery, Margaret Maron's 'Slow Dollar', which was interesting, had a few silly plot twists, but I overlooked willingly, since I really enjoyed the Deborah Knott character.

Last week I finished another fiction, Dan Brown's 'Angels and Demons'. I thought the plot was somewhat absurd and predictable, but I really enjoyed the well-reseached art history, and the timeless debate of religion vs. science. I am looking forward to reading his other book, 'The DaVinci Code'.

I am currently on a history, Ross King's 'Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling'. It's wonderfully fascinating, and well told so far. It may be interesting for those without an art history background but wish to read about Michelangelo's life.
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Okay, I just finished Dogs of Babel and I hated it. Its awful! It talks of mutilating them, just to try and make them talk
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Now I am reading Sutter's Cross which is a lovely book so far.
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Black House by Stephen King trying to get into it,
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I am currently on the fourth volumne of nine by Robert Jordan of The Wheel Of Time. This one is The Shadow Rising. I have read this whole set once already but it has been a year or more so I started them over. For those who don't know he is a fantasy writer. His books are deliciously thick and detailed. I relate to the characters. Basic good against evil plots.
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I LOVE the Wheel of Time books! Nice to know there is someone else out there besides me who is crazy enough to read them more than once! I've read them through three times now....

Great minds think alike, Subee. I also describe myself as a "voracious reader"
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have you read "the talisman" yet?
it's not totally necessary, but it does help "black house" make a bit more sense!!
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Wow! You are the first person I have ever met who reads books over and over. I find it very comforting to reread a good one. I have read the Lord of the Rings trilogy at least 10 times and am sure I will read it 10 more. I have yet to see any of the movies. Have you? My name is Sue also! We have so much in common.
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Originally posted by stormy
have you read "the talisman" yet?
it's not totally necessary, but it does help "black house" make a bit more sense!!
Yes I did, It was okay, The 2 authors I did'nt like. I could always tell where King started and Straub began.
Don't get me wrong, I'am a big fan of both, read all there books. I just don't think they do well together. What did you think of there team effort?
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i enjoyed "the talisman" very much, i think i read it about 3 times!!
i too could tell where each author was taking over, but it all fit together well (for me anyway! )

i am a big stephen king fan, peter straub is good too, but he's not one of my top favs.

mom of 10 cat and subee,

i too will read a book quite a few times if i really enjoy it. i think the one i've read most often is "the stand" by stephen king.
i read that 5 times so far and will probably read it again!!

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I will read my favourite books over and over - especially "Boy's Life" which is my very favourite book.
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My all time favorite is Salems lot. so well written. My daugther really enjoyed the Tailsman, alot more than I did.She read it in 24 hrs.
I also like the Dead Zone.
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Originally posted by Subee
Wow! You are the first person I have ever met who reads books over and over. I find it very comforting to reread a good one. I have read the Lord of the Rings trilogy at least 10 times and am sure I will read it 10 more. I have yet to see any of the movies. Have you? My name is Sue also! We have so much in common.
I will also read books over and over, which is one reason I buy a lot of books - I know I will read most of them more than once. And my name is Susan....maybe it goes with the name.

I have been too busy to get any reading done for a few weeks - I am going to read The Poisonwood Bible over the holidays for the TCS book club. Then I don't know what next for sure - I have a few reserved at the library, I might wait for one of those, or might just buy myself The DaVince Code for Christmas!
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I also read books over and over if they are really good ones.
Like I've read the Clan of the Cave bear series more times
then I can count lol

The Talisman, Black House, Hearts in atlantis and even Salems Lot
go along with the Dark Tower series. They aren't required reading
to understand the Dark Tower books but it fills in some gaps and
makes the story lines a little better.

I'm reading the Wolves of the Calla right now and really like it
so far. Song of Suzanna the 6th book is supposed to come out in
the Spring of 2004 and around Nov. the Last book I heard
was going to come out.
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I love the Clan of the Cave Bear series, too! Jean Auel is supposed to be working on the final book in the series, no word on when it is due for publication. Looking forward to it!

I also like fantasy anthologies, especially the Sword and Sorceress and Catfantastic ones.
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I too have read all the Clan series many times.
Have you ever read Wizard and/or Titan?
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Right now I'm being very undisciplined and I'm reading several books at once. I usually like to read one at a time. The Illuminatus Trilogy just isn't holding me though. It's about conspiracies and secret society etc and it jumps around a lot in an attempt to be quirky or something. I can't recall the name of the authors. It's not sitting well, and it's rather long. But I've thrown so many hours of my life in to this book that I can't NOT finish it.

I'm also reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov. It's my first book by this author who has come highly recommended to me by several people. At first I thought that his writing style was a little bit weak, but the plot is knitting together nicely now and I think that this series may turn out to be quite entertaining.

I'm also finishing off a book of two novelettes by Alastair Reynolds, called Diamond Dogs/Turquoise Days. They were pretty good for a quick read. But I think that Reynolds strength lies in longer more intricate plots. His book Revelation Space was really good and I'd recommend it to any Science Fiction fan. Also the two novels which follow it which make a loosely grouped trilogy, Chasm City and Redemption Ark.

But when I finish off these books I'm going back to my favourite series of all time for a reread. I'm talking (OF COURSE) about Frank Herbert's Dune Chronicles. My introduction to the Dune universe was through the prequels written by Frank Herbert's son, and a co-author. I enjoyed them in a casual, fun kind of way. But I wasn't expecting to be so completely taken by the series proper. Frank Herbert just blows my mind. I have another of the prequel books written by his son which I haven't gotten around to yet. But now they just seem like blasphemy. He's totally trying to cash in on his father's name. Talk about the mediocre riding the coatails of a genius!
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I am so jealous of everyone - I have had NO time to read in the last several weeks! I still need to read The Poisonwood Bible for the TCS book club - I have it out from the library, but haven't started. Hopefully this holiday I can get it read!
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I finally finished Blackwood Farm- after reading the last two chapters agonizingly slow to prolong the inevitable I'm so glad the characters come back in The Blood Canticle (which Santa did NOT bring me for Christmas )

I'm re-reading Merrick for the time being, to bide my time until I can pick up Blood Canticle. I'll probably re-read Blood and Gold as well. Its my new goal to get all the Vampire Chronicles in hardcover
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I am reading The Colour Purple - finally. I finally got to see the movie last week on hbo and I really liked it, so I decided to get the book out.
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i've recently finished reading "diary" by chuck palahnuik. that was a pretty good book, although it takes a bit to get into it.

now i am almost finished "big bad wolf" by james patterson, it's the latest alex cross novel and good like all of the others in that series!!
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I just finished Girl With A Pearl Earring (*very good read) I'm now reading Good In bed (a novel).
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Lynx, I've read the Illuminatus Trilogy. It is confusing at times, but all in all, it's a great yarn.

I am now searching online for the History of Middle Earth books by Tolkien (basically loads of unfinished tales and background info for his works) at decent prices. I cannot afford 12 books in hardcover at full price! Ebay, here I come!
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