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Need help immediately

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I need help with something I haven't seen addressed specifically. I have a 6 month old male who has been litter perfect up to now. This morning I awoke at 4 am awash in pee. Through the blanket, sheets and down to the mattress. While cleaning I passed through the entry hall and there were 3 piles of poop, one right by the door and two on the welcome mat I had brought inside. This has to be deliberate behavior; UTI would only affect urinination.
So I'm sitting here with bedclothes in the washer and odor all around trying to figure out what made him mad (assuming that is it). One possibility is that I had my daughter's cat here for 4 days so they could play (and one day they will breed). The other kitty went home 2 days ago. Could he be upset she left? Seems if he didn't want her here he would have done that while she was. I also started to give him a can of gourmet food at lunch everyday (in addition to the dry that stays out) but he constantly campaigns for more. Or he may be mad because he is a voraciously affectionate cat and I have to keep pushing him away (although this isn't new).
I have him locked in the kitchen and he's not coming out until I get this figured out.
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I moved your thread out where it is more likely to be read. People don't tend to check into the sticky threads unless they are directed there.

Please, please, please take your cat to the vet. All of the behaviors you describe make me think he is sick. A sick cat may very well have both urinary and bowel problems.

What you described happened to one of my cats right after we moved to a new house. I initially thought she was doing this because she was scared or stressed due to the move. Luckily I took her to the vet, because she was quite ill. After two weeks of medication, the inappropriate peeing and pooping stopped.

So, yes, your guy might indeed be stressed. Unfortunately, stress often results in physical illness in cats. Please take your cat to the vet on Monday.

By the way...why do you want to breed your cat? Just curious.
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I second this motion to get this cat to a vet quickly. Everything you posted about points to a health issue.
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You always need to rule out a health related problem first, just to be on the safe side. But lets also keep in mind that at 6 months old and not neutered and with a female in the house (obviously not spayed) that you may have unleashed a territorial behavior problem.
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